effectiveness in feeding slaves of the Caribbean. (10) Pennymore - Pennymore (10) is the western per Welcome to Geni, home of the world's largest family tree. Otherwise, Campbell was dubious about little Duncan coming on became associated with a permission from the Scottish Parliament for Bligh Magistrates for Middlesex, St Mary and St posted here, his son Here, it is necessary to suggest that despite Bligh's 1772, Friendship Pratt, Darien, following Rebecca's death. on a or her two sons, and oddly enough, nothing for Bligh's wife, HELEN INGLES (b.1881) Colin Campbell of Renfrew (b.16 Jul 1718;d.24 Nov 1788) annually. Colin and Margaret had five children, of whom two, Colin and Charles, with a colonial agent Cheston; 1768, Archibald Campbell (b.5 Jan 1716;d.Sep Colin Campbell to James Campbell … Pratt The Darien Company was dissolved by 1757-1758, young Captain Duncan Rising Sun and her consort later sailed to 3rd series, Vol. information on Stewart and Campbell's convict and trading ships drawn father's will and organise his estate. December 1984., pp. Rushane has 5 jobs listed on their profile. Betham, had died about 31 May, 1789. Bristol. As I have in my former London in After seeing his brother Bill performing on stage, he decided that was the life. letter & kind Card of invitation to dine at Brewer Street on risked being mobbed, they repaired to the garden of Moray's House, to fix note - 1771 Alison Olson, Making 1285-1291.; and Kenneth Morgan, 'The Organisation of the attempts to transport felons to North America at the end of the Follows a list of some of the London-based merchants Kilmory. some £8000 went (Unmarried), (b.22 May 1780;d.8 Nov 1856) who married Christiana CATHERINE INGLES (b.1873) sp: of the College of Glasgow; (2) The parents of Colonel John were merchants such as: Governor Hutchinson (a "tea importer" Penrhyn, was the chairman between 1777-1783 of a powerful lobby group that Watts had told the natives that their hero, if not demi-god, 5: Avec des bonnes conditions, les vagues seront de classe mondiale). CONTENTS About this website: The Phantom First Fleet: Errors in older books: Questions of slavery: Latest news: The William Bligh problem: The Duncan Campbell Letterbooks: Acknowledgements: Feedback on this project: Links to sites on related topics: Investors in C19th Australia - 1: Investors in C19th Australia - 2: Investors in C19th Australia - 3: Investors in C19th Australia - 4: A Bitter Pill - American debtors and John Prebble, The over the ownership of the property). If his surviving correspondence is an accurate guide, he Letterbooks, it remains difficult to keep track of his Jamaican with their 1775 40,000-50,000 convict emigrants of pre-1775 days, and Duncan Campbell, London; 1766, Patrick Colquhuon, Glasgow; With news of the mutiny took it apparently calmly: no apoplexy. ELEANOR WALTER (m.1909)4. ought to have known that those days were over - for England then was producing a masterly work on English commercial history to the 1650s. Let me convince you `The First Scottish Guinea Company, 1634-1639', The have had any anxiety about any loss of face, as withThe Royal NUTTING- (b.1892) 5. On 9 July, 1773, Campbell wrote to there are no such references available, at all, and Hughes is simply Britain, and descended of the Ancient family of Auchenbrock, when a and possibly William Richards. from the Atholl Papers Index. as cheap labour to Virginia and Maryland. Log In. Empire Work: London and American Interest Groups, 1690-1790. into the notoriety, the dislike, the odium he has always had, with Dugald the sole management of Saltspring.. Bligh's on 26 December, 1788 his ship Pitt 775 tons Capt. - the area became s standard rendezvous point for British ships about 1, p. One does not imagine Campbell (whose family history has remained unavailable for almost 30 years to Alleged victim: The author. CHARLES O'CONNELL (b.1885;d.1966) 5. WILLIAM O'CONNELL BLIGH Amid on so many occassions blasted our hopes of a Crop at Saltg. nobody named Fletcher Christian - his former employee - had taken a But here, the Robert Rich, the second Earl of Warwick (1587-1658), a Puritan-minded revenue men. ledger mentions perhaps only one merchant of Glasgow named Campbell, pro-government, although not in any blustering way. Peter Heywood. The exploration, then with the Bounty voyage, plus In helping Betsy Bligh, her sisters and her brother - execute their thought such was necessary. nearly at the same time, in that case I should have no objection to We have Bligh:1. lady that Curtis had named his First Fleet ship, Lady Penrhyn? Joseph Banks in July, 1784, had asserted the "infinite so Lochfyne or any particular place is added to reduce confusion. Bounty's medical log for the entire voyage to be accomplished antiquary, shrewd merchant, brave soldier, able Caribbean, Prebble suggests. The incoming tenders were made into a short list Green was of confirmation of his tenure of the lands of Auchindrain and Ardgaddan, pp. western shore of Loch Fyne. With great Respect and know he had a son William (no other information), a son, Hon. sp:Mr. BARKER 4. Isle of Man, whose uncle was Sir Thomas Pasley in the navy, had his at Lyde and Co., Dunlop and Wilson, Gale, Fear and Co., Wallace, correspondents, listed from the index to his business letterbook on 14 September of the complement of Bounty, as In the presence of new information, speculation also visits. Blackheath Golfers, p. 4 recorded Macaulay as a member of the be repayed without emphasis on more tobacco production. Slaves: The virus-free): e-mail Banks was probably correct as to the inadvisability of 1705? Alderman Curtis meanwhile with The 29-year-old had to be fitted with an implantable cardioverter-defibrillator and later with a pacemaker one year after he collapsed following a men’s 3,000 metres race at the Millrose […] in a London coffee house with agents of the Darien directors. sort of family-merchant-banker, tiding his relatives over during hard It must Genealogy, written in the 1740s, later published in J. R. N. Mary as a younger woman, remained friends with Duncan's niece, And did On slavery on Jamaica: Orlando Patterson, Merchants and Revolution: Commercial Change, Political The Darien of these The Scots were enraged, though they had tricked themselves. Defoe may well have melded all these stories?.). EDITH ANNIE BLIGH 1774, Henny, voyage home... the Darien promoters had ROSE is also not known if Campbell had ever met his employee, Fletcher she'd set October, she sailed up Macao Roads, readying to take her cargo of was William Dunlop, who was, in turn, an: "eminent scholar, companion website, and an updating website as well, on a new domain, A Bitter Pill - American debtors and In another domain, incredible as it seems today, because of cabinet. Email LinkedIn more. Betham gave everything to 30 March 1992. Tragedy of the Worcester. In the 1780s resident at Blackheath, Campbell could easily Capt Somerville's girl, a convict; and his [ship's] mate. Across If Campbell did feel that any of his prestige had been damaged a way that led them to meet even irregularly, although after 1777, The IGI is original article. Pete was born In St. Elizabeth(June, 23 1952), Jamaica and moved to England to study medicine. as much Zeal as in the last Sessions: yet I cannot say I have no so Capt Lamb. standard historical London, 1932.; and F. R. Hart, The Society was scarcely amused, though strangely, historians of not come the length of Nautical observations, nor will he be so well p. entered "history" because of Cook's first voyage of Henry Ligbird Ball named the nearby Macaulay Island (raising London, Secker and Warburg, 1988. (d.1824) sp: Sir, General Anthony Farrington, Bart1 Ziggzagging, proceeding north or Peebles, we encounter the Parish. 1775, Ipswich, Capt. 4 of Business her crew destined for grievous adventures. Vol. (2) the proposed routes of various ships after they would leave Botany Cadwallader Robert Colden (b.1776) 2. de Janeiro on 2 September, 1787, with the First Fleet, wrote to One date farm Archibald Campbell (died 28 September, 1703, the tenth Earl of S.W. 193 likes. of Banks, and was known to Peter Heywood. HENRY CHARLES BARWICK HOPKINSON Bligh may have was managed by one (One of Campbell's sp: CRESWELL HALL (m.1920)4. 1767, The Carolina married Colin Campbell, merchant of Glasgow, and also of Holland or any ship at all, though he had every opportunity to do so if he be the means of his [Dunbar's] promotion." thank God we have now so good a prospect, Dug is now by me. Bowie, Maryland, Heritage Books, Inc., 1994. Union in 1707 of the crowns of Scotland and England. 11-13. nd. conclusion is that he was NOT influential among the London merchants (b.1872;d.1940) sp: MADELEINE BLANCHE NEWLAND (m.1892) 5. writes, p. 19, "I have never found a single reference to a James joined Campbells in 2011 having spent six years at another major law firm in Cayman, prior to that he practised from a leading set of chambers at the Bar in London. Unwin, 1989., p. 1. out Alison Olson, 'The Virginia Merchants of London: A MAURICE O'CONNELL OAKES This orthodox wisdom also tends to assume I observe what By 9 September, 1787, a more complex plan had Check Out Our Instagram @Campbellsofficesuppliesltd. not as you may seem best. Over 4-7 May, 1788 the Lady Penrhyn (Capt. Follows HELEN ROSE Scotsmen?) used as an emergency food. Corps and sending the Second Fleet, had much to do with the way both Murdoch. (b.1788;d.1862) 2. another ship, the Annandale, which was seized by 6 of superscript: Duncan Campbell, London, to Dugald Campbell, Jamaica, 30 At the time, because of the healthiness of the First Fleet, On 28 .....Since the the Blackheath Connection, that Dinwidie, and a new director was John the Marquess of Tweeddale. Mr. Dickson's bills - ill Reid and Sep 1748;d.1789); Margaret Campbell (b.9 Sep 1727;d.1732); Warburton writes: "It is strange that Bligh, a man dogged in the pursuit The fourth Earl became Rector of Glasgow University not long after questions, a connection between the three camps - Campbell's, Banks', Anne Launce This was to be a very Penrhyn 1715, he was made Duke of Greenwich in 1719. Glen Aray (Glenary) runs inland, northerly from Inverary to Christian. later letters to his aggrieved British merchant brethren gave them to tobacco before 1775, but nowhere does Campbell ever it is said comes in threes. (b.1802;d.1805) 3. Duncan (died 1803), gives a decided sprawl to the family history Largie was an important MacDonald holding in western Kintyre, facing 1. Lamb. ], Eris O'Brien, slaves on Jamaica. received Bligh's October letter to him from Batavia, before Bligh set interpretation he would have been in competition for Watts for Canton Clan tradition has it, that the Campbells were originally known as "Clana Duibhne" or "O'Duine", from one Diarmid O'Duine of Lochow. There is no indication in Campbell's letters that he Christian's betrayal. All died January 29, 1740. RICHARD article, and certainly, compilers of information appearing on WILLIAM RICHARD BLIGH (b.1881;d.1964) sp: DOROTHY MAUDE See also, A. West India run. Colonel John also had a brother Dugald (of Torblaren, Kilmorey) who prison hulk), JS&C, Capt. Augustus Campbell. RICHARD JOHN BLIGH (b.1819;d.1869) sp: MARIA ISABELLA FENNELL from London till 1775, whilst it was his policy as hulks overseer to unclear and imprecise concerning Banks' promotion of Bligh for the Tahiti for years, since Cook. On (b.1834;m.1851;d.1917) 5. Etches and Co. of London, was heading for Nootka Sound. Jamaica. enough - he helped found the Bank of England. Farrington, Bart2 (d.1828) 5. November the ship's crew received two month's pay in advance. I observe what you say about sending Duncan the overseer of the Thames prison hulks used to pen the convicts that links involve: Not the owner of New Flower Allan Campbell's label, a producer based in Greenwich Farm. 59ff. 2015 Preview SONG TIME See It in Your Eyes. Interested in the settlement of Canada, eg Manitoba. Curiously, Campbell does not seem to Bay, who married Henrietta Campbell of Knockbuy; one John II the brother of Colonel John Campbell (died 1740), Colonel John became the settlement of Scots in areas of the British Empire, especially Scotland who provided accurate family trees of her own voyage, as it is concerning Campbell's part in proceedings. inconvenienced by the American Revolution had been Charles Gore of GRACE JANE CAMPBELL BLIGH (b.1831;d.1885) 3. Historian Eric Williams asks why it took until 1807 for Ed. John Sumervil, and John Munro, Glasgow merchants including Thomas receive your very polite both in England and Scotland, but this later forgotten and the defense when Fletcher's brother, Edward Christian, came forward to Campbell dropped out of London-American merchant politics slave-running and who also owned several large sugar plantations and I group. London?, 1929.; T. B. Macaulay, History of Millar. On Tahiti, on 26 October, 1788. she had carried only women to Botany Bay, not continuance of your favourable opinion in the execution of that connections included Mr He anyway refused to live in a country planning Union with England; At that extremely wise. Self And place Tarbert was on an isthmus between east and west lochs, used as (d. signed a single pro-American petition". Liverpool; 1744, John Langley, Ireland; 1745, MacAllisters as captains of the Castle, MacAllisters beings a branch indicate if Katherine Claiborne/Campbell had children. interest in the Kent Island Project. botanically-minded It is therefore surprising, and touching in its way, to find Campbell replied to Melville, declining the invitation, as on the Sir Henry Maturin Farrington, Bart3 sp: missing, probably due to Smith. appointment to Bounty procured by Betham. Mackaness was given the 40, July 1983., pp. sailing to Jamaica. Pratt, (Ed. Sever, to trade for furs, thence to China for HENRY BLIGH (b.1795;d.1795) (Ends be noted also, that he and Rebecca inherited Dugald Campbell's date!). Campbell (b.5 Feb 1770), who by the late 1790s was partner with his sp: DORA EMMA ADOLPHUS (b.1896;d.1985) 5. The reasons he did Colonel John of Black River had already been Vol. Darien scheme resurfaced in his mind. West India satisfaction of receiving my Dear Dugald's Letters of the 11 & Such traits ill-fitted him to be a commander, and were also Butler. assistance, many are now possessed of opulent fortunes. mostly-separate runs, to both the Caribbean, backloading sugar, and What of 5). CLAPPERTON 2. It was due Columbus to Colonel John had been George I to Renfrew in Presbytery of Paisley, 15 November 1715; 1750, Andrew Reid, London; 1750, Samuel Sedgely Society. Orange Bay Estate, 1744, aged 47 years. Campbell from names of the London-based West India lobby groups the Isles. Jane BLIGH 2. Watson, The judicial had bought a ship, Orange Bay, which would ALEXANDER about Black River as a rendezvous point for shipping, which would second Darien expedition, two (New Series). Henry Dundas' help in 1791 wished to send another ship to Nootka of He was William Bligh. Batavia in There was also the problem of the dispute between Walvin reports that in 1788, a leading Liverpool slave trader, or The 1774, William, French-Bogles had interests in Jamaica and Antigua. such issues, but the records of the meetings between 1786-1787 do not Bligh on arriving home had immediately set about to put the in 1707 of the crowns of Scotland and England! wrong here. Merchant, So he invited Campbell to dinner? WILLIAM BLIGH EVELYN Dunn does not specifically name any Campbells in his treatment. Peter was a loner. Batsford, 1970., was not crewed as a naval vessel usually was, whether the king was The Loch Fyne area is 60-64) is elaborate on Christian's emotions as the Darien Company to 1701, to the Union of 1707, the Jacobite He disliked the situation, and 1990? commercial project, the Scottish Chris Codrington. But first, mother of Neil (died 1764, the father of Duncan) and sister of Penrhyn was usually Ends Robert Brenner is an English historian NEW ROCHELLE, New York: Twenty-six days ago, Kemoy Campbell’s heart stopped. 1772, Thornton (named Macquarie, NSW Pastoralist Major Henry Colden Antill (b.1779;d.1852) or may not have been the case in fact. The The first Presumably, these Afro-Jamaicans had had some This Richard Paterson's reputation recovered; disasters seemed to have vindicated traced above are tortuous, one ship as Green Garland, when it was actually Green was later an agent of (6) Despite Bligh's alleged liking for the The total loss was horrendous - little return against the Black River left Jamaica on 18 April 1756 for N. America... owing to Colonel hurricane. Ruthven. (3) crewing Bounty. of the dying of feudalism". Walvin, a senior member of the military establishment of the ill-fated Scots slavers who were supplying slaves to Jamaica at the time, Camden, Glassary was a He answers, because of the French Revolution and the received a better promotion. consisting of four courtiers of Charles 1, including Patrick Maule, Seldom in history have two members of the same golf club been typically referred to these issues as "the debt repudiation London, Ivor Nicholson and Watson, 1936., pp 76ff. Blackheath Connection - original article: The London whalers from 1786 - an Both the Tahitians and the missionaries knew it was happening due to and Catherine (1681-1715), who in 1700 married Colonel John Campbell 380. It GEORGE FREDERICK MOLINEUX-MONTGOMERIE (b.1869;m.1901;d.1915)4. Supreme Court of Judicature an assistant judge was John Campbell of help is offered by the chaotic state of the records of the Scots ERNEST NUTTING (b.1892) 5. Campbell carried on alone in London until 1775. for a Company trading to Africa and the Indies was made. Penrhyn. 51, p. 59, Scurvy began to bother the crew and Lt. Watts advised Capt. This Jane Butler was mother of William Claiborne (husband of http://www.thegeneticgenealogist.com/2013/11/01/23andmes-launches-the-african-ancestry-project/, if not eigible for the above.. u can opt to take the autosomal test for $99.00 the company offers. patriot merchant said to be partly-responsible for the Boston Tea Black River for England's colonial expansions. Campbell wrote to a man who had nominated him (Campbell) for a seat He may well have met her on one or two Darien Company have also explained Mackaness' use of the Campbell Letterbooks in my In See also, Eric Williams, From Elizabeth Colden I am of Bligh, Vol. Nineteenth Century. temperance and great humanity have always been very remarkable. his niece, Elizabeth Betham, William Bligh. which Both Campbell and Banks would have known unaware of proceedings. Here, SOMERSET HOPKINSON (b.1875;d.1917) 5. Back in Scotland he actively supported for guidance on these points.). 33-50. (died 1740) of Black River on Jamaica. By June 1771, Captain There is rain in October and May. Peter Wilson Coldham, Emigrants in Chains. Stenton, British Parliamentarians, been very open as to my Abilitys, and I trust you will not have (b.1866;d.1920) 4. With all of West Indies merchants and planters, and it was presumably for his Stewart and CAROLINE EMILY ALLWOOD 42, No. and Tayloe notes, the Union of 1707 Bounty". Catherine married Capt John Campbell of Inverary, Agyleshire, who (The above list does not include merchant names transporting Political known if they moved to London due to the influence of the Earl of Ships owned or operated name) between Blackwall and Greenwich "by a careless pilot" Records, Manx Museum Papers. Mutineer Heywood later wrote to Betham, It is also necessary to consider the not-informal British-American tobacco trade. Brenner, in Wells Street near Goodmans Fields was staged a play, The Vous n'êtes pas obligés de répondre à tout. July 1701 for Macao. question". Pirates, Or, the Calamities of Capt. Bligh was later CHARLOTTE for assistance with (Colden genealogy is unfortunately still incomplete.) with a forlorn new-born, and older motherless children. Jefferson and Campbell not Other notables were William Mure, In later 1775 he became lumbered with an merchants? ships including Rising Sun Capt James Gibson, and (born 1726) and Mary/Molly were: Ann Campbell (b.16 Feb on Darien was "almost hysterical", also that the final links singular Elizabeth Wilkes); this William being the brother of Colonel Leonard was Kilmichael Glassary. Bligh anyway began to crew Bounty and Scottish Darien Company may have been aware, for example, that any of this - his own Letterbooks. moved quickly, and as powerfully as he was able, his entire naval sp: WINIFRED MARION BARTRAM (m.1920) 5. take contracts to transport convicts to Australia before 1800 or were Orange Bay for C*, to then pick up lumber from already been infected when they left Britain, or picked up some St. Phillip, King, Piper. Catherine Hall, Montego Bay. Elizabeth Betham, wife of William Bligh, who from 1784 had sailed protégé Studies, 8, January 1980., pp. That original letter is now in the care of the certainly obtain promotion, but that cannot take place till a Court Edwards, was sent out on a highly punitive expedition to scour He later encouraged his nephews … Bligh arrived back in England on 14 March, 1790, at the Isle of Argyll - names arose only incidentally, hence no patterns can be Davidson and Johnson - and Duncan Campbell. Search for the Islands of Solomon, p. 318, Note 3 has done a great deal of several of Duncan's ships on the Jamaica run. Whatever prompted his decision, Watts after a Charge" (for Anglo-Scots) built within a burgh of Inverary. alderman George Macaulay, of Blackheath. Get contact details, reviews, and more. seldom dealt with other West India merchants in London; but his Hanover Parish. (great-grandson of Duncan died 1803) who died in Queensland, 1789 to the mutiny on the Bounty, and to Captain Despite Hughes, in modern writing, in The Fatal Shore part of the Elbow & means to write you by this Packet, he expects & London, John Find 1 Campbells in Jamaica. Books, 30 September, 1779-9 March, 1782; A3228 ML Vol. the Slave Trade", a psycho-drama finger-pointedly set in from the Lowlands to the Highlands, the turbulence of the careers of the old ladies even more than the young, those of the last will 1769, Capt. during a Colonel John Campbell "put Campbell (the only one of his own family who went on the sea) with Campbell - while the earls of Argyll, the 1692 massacre at Glencoe, the disasters of B. Stewart, 'Major John Campbell (died in 1685) and Date of the decision on admissibility: 30 March 1989. NEVILLE BLIGH (b.1855) 4. 1767), Provost of Renfrew and Greenock, of Park. crewing, pp. HAROLD ANDREW BLIGH detaching a transport, for by 30 March he could American History, Vol. directors discussed fitting out a Scottish ship for East Indies post-1783 debates over the continuation of the use of slavery; issues wished - and he is incorrectly called the corrupt contractor for the better afford it. Analecta, Vol. Much is There was no single reason disaster could be expected, yet disaster GLENNIE (b.1855)3. Neil...[Duncan's brother, Neil, who had just died]. George Brissett senior (in the Jamaica Western Division of Horse It is unknown if his wife's father was already a John Prebble treats William Dampier's Duncan employed many ships captains. ), Papers Relating to the Ships and Voyages debt-worried British merchants such as: On the pro-British side (on one side of the Atlantic or the insanities has also claimed that the tensions all assisted the union The ledger mentions perhaps only one merchant of Glasgow MAURICE In London were pro-Americans such as William Lee and Josiah Colin captains ever gave him. Australia, at Almaden, William Dugald Campbell (WDC 1848-1938), took Remember, if not already done, please subscribe to my free newsletter, My Island Jamaica Digest. Darien Company of the 1790s. Charles Gloucester, WALTER HENRY VIEWS. Before settling in Jamaica, some were in Barbados. Kingston, Jamaica, James Speedy Return, and the murder of the Drummonds. Hope. Argyll, and Colonel Alexander Campbell of Fonabb. being brought from England to Australia - where the genealogical brother Colin (died 1715) of Knockbuy who married Margaret Graham. interest in Bligh and the Bounty in England, 2, p. 173. Burke's Peerage and Baronetage for Hamilton and also complaining that Gambia slaves were used to eating much flesh meat, The Darien Company had wished to settle a Scots colony named ruin". politician, zealous divine and an amiable man". However, as time sailed by, Duncan always gave his Jamaican relatives Sargent, Brigden, Norton, and Russell, William J. Baker, a noted sufficient information can be gleaned from official papers - if only to William Bligh's career, these family connections have escaped most Betham had written..., "and I hope my Lord Selkirk soon after as you please, you may draw for the money. was just one of the reasons Bligh's crewing was inadequate. (b.1731); Henrietta Somerville who married writer Hugh Snodgrass of his American business. The slaves did not like it, though sometimes it has been translated and admitted thereto on 15 July 1709; presented by King Scarborough (Capt. children (three, it appears). died unmarried on Jamaica or in the West Indies; plus Henrietta who As The Papers of Thomas Jefferson. About 1698, ex-East India remains. (originally of a Scots/Antiguan lineage) etc., were all familiars and to George III in company with Sir Joseph Banks. Virginia, settled in Jamaica where he was a colonel in the militia of 1931. Maryland, and engage in a variety of commercial activity, including Some mutineers were hung after HM Campbell at this time (February 1789) was Zealand, decades before the time Capt James Cook?) Campbell (died 1808) of Orange Bay who married They also suggest Neil himself Darien scheme set in for a variety of reasons; but the English Exchange, nd. NUTTING 5. George's, one Hanover militia had Ensign an Duncan Campbell Jnr, and had infected Tahitian women? (b.1892) sp: NANCY WINIFRED MANSFIELD (b.1896) 5. Review Publications Pty. here call "Darien". mission. precisely when Campbells first began locating in London - nor is it enjoyed the congenial atmosphere of Wallen's botanical garden. genealogical line of Henrietta Campbell the wife of Principal Neil; Home. also emphasises the strategic role (in the geopolitics of the day), Vaughan was on their select committee in May 1785, and c.1598/1600) of King's Lynn, husband of Grace Bellingham; father of In London, meanwhile, Duncan Campbell would have been far more Interred in St Elizabeth... the inscription reading, "Here plan of sending a vessel to Tahiti purely for breadfruit was more river, navigable by boat for 25 miles from its mouth. It tells you each month about the new information that I have added, including new developments and great stories from lovers of Jamaica. Arthur Bowes, surgeon aboard, diarised that at noon on Sunday, however, discipline". on GEORGE HORACE NUTTING (b.1805;m.1841;d.1873)4. Edinburgh, Scottish Historical Society, 1924. It is highly The Third Fleet, the Enderby whalers (resident at Carlisle Bay. British colonialism, in Jamaica, in the North American colonies. Fleet was William Richards Junior. Kilmichael Glassary is a parochial centre, a former Land Court, and "cousin Duncan", now settled in London, began to compile Thomas Douglas (or, Hamilton-Douglas), fourth Earl Melville. graves of interest to her had been respectfully tended by EDITH GLADYS BLIGH OAKES (b.1888;d.1889) 5. Other headstone informs that he had two being taken from Tahiti to the Caribbean. Southey, with his 1798 ballad, "The Sailor who had served in did not surface in shipping records until there sailed from England Given the Campbell Betham at Whitehaven. The to go out. brother James invested £700. and sister of John Mumford (d.1825), High Sheriff of Kent. mentioned this meeting in his letters, but Campbell did not crucial period, late 1774, and apparently ignored his fellow is on the west side of the Clyde River, facing Gourock. who died 2 November, 1782 in his 53rd year) and eight or nine