The upgrade puts the 250EP into the same weight class as the King Air 350, necessitating various system changes to meet certification requirements and a special rating for pilots.[29]. B200GT[6]) and the larger 350i (B300[6]) models. A total of 14 B200s were produced in 1989 and 1990 in a 13-seat high density configuration with a belly cargo pod; these were marketed by Beechcraft as a commuter airliner under the designation Model 1300. Retired military King Airs have entered civil service with United States law enforcement and other government organizations such as State Police and Sheriff Departments; others are used by the Missionary Aviation Fellowship and subsidiary organisations. BB-2, BB-6 through BB-733, BB-735 through BB-792 BB-794 through BB 828, BB-830 through BB-873, BB892, BB-893, BB-895, BB-912, BB-991, BP-1 ,BP-7 through BP-11, BP-19, BP-22, BP-24 through BP-63, GR-1 through GR-12, GR-14 through GR-19, FC-1 through FC-3, BB-734, BB793, BB-829, BB-854 through BB-870, BB-874 through BB-891, BB-894, BB-896 through BB-911, BB-913, through BB-990,BB-992 through BB-1313, BB-1315 through BB1384, BB-1389 and up, BL-37 and up, BP-64 and up, BU-1 through BU-10, BV-1 through BV-10, BW-1 and up, BB-1314, BT-23 through BT-27, BTT-29 through BT-38, BT-44 and up. About the King Air 200. [23], The B300 model is still in production today (now marketed simply as the "King Air 350", the "Super" being dropped in 1996 as mentioned earlier), while the B300C is available for order; four were built in 2007[36][37] and Hawker Beechcraft announced on November 11, 2007 that it would deliver five to Saudi Arabia in 2008 for use as air ambulances. [7] The 350ER (B300CER[6]) is available to government, military and commercial customers for special mission operations[8] such as aerial survey, air ambulance, flight inspection and surveillance. "Hawker Beechcraft Corporation Goes Hi-Tech, Hi-Def with New Beechcraft King Air 350i" – Hawker Beechcraft Media Release. Hoyle, Craig. [17] Customers could specify any combination of these modifications when ordering a 200T; all 200Ts were Model 200s modified at the factory and given new constructor's numbers. The RAAF has also utilized King Air 350 Special Mission as an interim replacement for the DHC-4 Caribou transports of No. Like the 200 and B200 before it, a version with a large cargo door was developed, the Model B300C marketed as the "Super King Air 350C". The next major innovation occurred in 1984 with the B200, B200C and their derivatives being fitted with a revised landing gear retraction mechanism. Internal baggage capacity is the amount of available baggage which can be stowed inside the aircraft where the… They are three-stage, axial-flow engines, with a single stage centrifugal-flow compressor and single-stage reaction turbine. BL-24) was modified as the Model 200CT, fitted with the same wingtip fuel tanks as installed on Model 200Ts; there was only one 200CT, but it led to other aircraft after an updated version of the Model 200 entered production. [28] The B200GT is fitted with a new model of PT6 engine developed specifically for it by Pratt & Whitney Canada; while still rated at 850 shp (630 kW) the new PT6A-52 develops maximum power to an even higher altitude than the −42 it replaces, thus further improving aircraft performance. Learn More [90] They are operated in more than 94 countries. it is not a contractual agreement unless The RAAF now operates 16 aircraft from both No. For the automobile, see, U.S. civil aircraft register online searches, using, intelligence, surveillance, target acquisition and reconnaissance (ISTAR), Special Operations Forces Command (CANSOFCOM), General Commander of the Turkish Gendarmerie, crashed at Indira Gandhi International Airport, struck the roof of a shopping center building and crashed, List of active United Kingdom military aircraft, "2016 Business Airplanes Purchase Planning Handbook", Hawker Beechcraft aircraft Serial Number Lists 1945 to present, FAA Beech 200 and 300 Series Type Certificate, "Royal Flying Doctor Service of Australia 2007/2008 Annual Report. Changes included Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6A-41 engines rated at 850 shp and increased wingspan and extra fuel capacity over the Model A100 then in production. The 200 series proved so popular that Beechcraft began work on a successor, with the Beechcraft designation Model 300 and marketed as the "Super King Air 300". An updated version of the B200, the B200GT comes fitted with the PT6A-52 engine; developed to deliver maximum power to an even higher altitude than the -42 it replaced, further improving aircraft performance. Army. The 200 is part of the Beechcraft King Air range, slotting in between the King Air 100 and the King Air 300 models. Changes include an increase of MTOW to 16,500 lb (7,430 kg), provision for surveillance equipment in a belly pod, the landing gear of the Beechcraft 1900 to handle the increased weight and provide ground clearance for the belly pod, and extra fuel capacity in the engine nacelles to increase range[40] (because of the B300s winglets, it was unfeasible to fit wingtip fuel tanks as found on the 200T and B200T). "World Air Forces Directory". [35] In October 2003, Beechcraft announced that it would deliver future B300 and B300C King Airs with the Rockwell Collins Pro Line 21 avionics suite. These were given the designation CT-145 under the CF's identification system and were used as multi-engine trainers, replacing Douglas C-47s. [12] Three production aircraft were also built in 1972 and delivered to the U.S. Army;[17] these three were designated Model A100-1s by Beechcraft and were given the military designation RU-21J;[18] the first of some 400 T-tail King Airs to be ordered by the U.S. armed forces. The cabin of the B300 series has been updated with controllers in the passenger seat armrests that dim the LED lights, darken the windows and control an iPod dock and a high-definition video monitor. KING AIR 200 (28) KING AIR 200C (1) KING AIR B200 (34) KING AIR B200C (1) KING AIR B200GT (1) Year. Apart from the T-tail, other changes included Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6A-41 engines rated at 850 shp (630 k… © 2015 Social Marketplace, LLC. [75] In early 2017 a used 2011 model King Air 250 was worth US$3 million and a late 2015 to early 2016 model was worth US$5 million, with an annual utilization estimated at 240 hours and 216 cycles, while a King Air 350i is US$800,000 to US$1 million more. [13] Apart from the T-tail, other changes included Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6A-41 engines rated at 850 shp (630 kW) instead of the 680 shp (510 kW) engines of the Model A100 then in production, and a wing of increased span and extra fuel capacity. The King Air series offers flexible, reconfigurable interiors, making them equally adept at accommodating passengers, cargo, air ambulance or other missions. Raisbeck Engineering out of Seattle, WA offers Enhanced Performance Leading Edges, Nacelle Wing Lockers, Ram Air Recovery System, Quiet Turbofan Propellers, High Flotation Gear Doors and Dual Aft Body Strakes. As noted above some have been "off-the-shelf" civil versions, but the majority have been purpose-built for the military and were treated by Beechcraft and the FAA as a separate series, the A200 series. Four King Air 350CERs (Shadow R. Mk 1 in RAF service)[61] equipped for intelligence, surveillance, target acquisition and reconnaissance (ISTAR) missions over Afghanistan were originally were ordered for the RAF and later increased to six in July 2013. [21] Commencing in 1984 the B200, B200C and their derivatives were fitted with a revised landing gear retraction mechanism, actuated by hydraulic rams powered by an electric pump installed in the LH wing. The King Air 200 Twin Engine Turbo Propcan be flown as a single pilot configuration, or with two pilots. ", "Blackhawk completes first King Air 300 engine upgrades", "Beechcraft King Air 350i rolls out improved situational awareness, navigation", "List of Governmental aircraft of the Republic of Macedonia. Over the following years, various models were offered including the Model 1300, a 13-seat high density configuration with a belly cargo pod marketed as a commuter airliner. King Air 200. Photos of the aircraft, which were modified 2005-built B300,[53] showed visual features of the King Air 350ER including a belly pod, and enlarged engine nacelles[54] compared to the nacelles of standard B300 King Airs. The cabin also includes Universal Serial Bus (USB) ports, AC electrical receptacles and fold-out tables for each passenger in the eight seats fitted. Beautiful King Air C90 with Garmin 600, GNS-430 WAAS Garmin Transponders with ADS-B In/Out. [71] Region. Originally conceived as the Model 101 in 1969, the Model 200 was a development of the Model 100 King Air. King Air 200 – Production Years 1974 to 1981. 200 and 300 Series King Airs have been used for similar duties in several other countries, including Australia, Germany, Hong Kong (a B200C used for navaid calibration was the first aircraft to land at the then-new Chek Lap Kok Airport in 1996[23]), Norway, Sweden and Taiwan. They quickly became popular with operators who fitted them out internally as air ambulances. The Model 200C found favour with many operators who fitted them out internally as Air Ambulances. [10][21] The propeller installation changed again in 1992, when Beechcraft started offering the option of having 4-bladed Hartzell or McCauley propellers, or 3-bladed Hartzell propellers; the 3-bladed McCauley propellers were no longer available. The 6,000th King Air was delivered on January 24, 2005. Some days you just feel blessed . The first prototype flew October 27th, 1972 with a second prototype took to the air on December 15th that same year. [41], In October 2008, Beechcraft announced updated versions of the B300 series, the King Air 350i, with improvements to the passenger cabin. [10] Customers for this version included Mesa Airlines. The King Air line comprises a number of models that fall into two families: King Air - Model 90 Series and Model 100 Series and the Super King Air - Model 200 Series and Model 300 Series. Beechcraft King Air 250 Turboprops for Sale An impressive maximum range of over 1,500nm is possible in the PT6A-52-powered Beechcraft King Air 250. FL-382). The Flight1 Beechcraft Super King Air B200 represents an overhauled 1984 B200 refurbished with the Blackhawk Modifications XP52 Upgrade, Raisbeck EPIC modifications, and the Garmin G1000 system. Air Charter Advisors always recommends using a two-pilot configuration no matter what may be required, as adds additional levels of safety to your flight. Because not all nations would then allow an aircraft of this type to be certified at an MTOW greater than 12,500 lb (5,700 kg), the Model 300LW was also developed at the same time, limited to the lower MTOW. The average asking price for a King Air 200 is $931,000. In roughly chronological order, the 200 and 300 Series King Air variants and production numbers are: The most widespread turboprop business aircraft in the world, over 7,300 King Airs and Super King Airs have been delivered by May 2018, surpassing 60 million flight hours in commercial, military and special mission roles. King Air C90GTx King Air 250 King Air 350i King Air 350ER Długość 10,82 m 13,36 m 14,22 m 14,22 m Wysokość 4,34 m 4,52 m 4,37 m 4,37 m Rozpiętość 16,36 m 17,65 m 17,65 m 17,65 m Maksymalna masa startowa MTOW: 5756 kg 5670 kg 6804 kg 7484 kg Liczba miejsc 8 10 11 9 Silniki 2 × Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6A-135A [60], By early 2010, Hawker Beechcraft was offering structured programme of upgrades for King Air 350ERISR. Beechcraft considered a jet-powered version in the mid-1970s. ", "Sierra Nevada King Air shows odd mods at static. [21], This updated and improved version was the Model B200, which entered production in 1981. It’s no surprise organizations choose Beechcraft to transport their important personnel and … ", "Beechcraft King Air 350 gets nose modification", "Used Aircraft Report: Beech King Air 250", "King Air 250 Gets Hartzell Composite Prop Blades. The Beechcraft Model 200 King Air is a twin-engined turboprop corporate travel and utility aircraft with retractable landing gear and pressurized cabin produced by the US-American manufacturer Beech Aircraft Corporation, later Hawker Beechcraft Corporation, today Beechcraft a brand of Textron Aviation. [66], On December 2, 2020, Textron updated the King Air 200 series with the 260, with certification and deliveries expected in early 2021. The Army also operates the RC-12 Guardrail series of aircraft for military intelligence missions. [67], Numerous aftermarket modifications and upgrades are available for 200 and 300 Series King Airs. [64] Canada intends to use the aircraft to improve the ability of its Special Operations Forces Command (CANSOFCOM) to meet current and future threats, strengthen its homeland defense and the combined defense of North America and support coalition partners overseas. "King Air 350ER at the 2007 Paris Air Show. [12][14] Overall, the 200 was 3 ft 10 in (1.17 m) longer than the A100, with wingspan 4 ft 3 in (1.29 m) greater, containing 60 US gallons (230 L) more fuel. [11] Hawker Beechcraft has elected to use new constructor's number prefixes for the B200GT and B200CGT; B200GTs are being built with the prefix "BY" and B200CGTs with the prefix "BZ". For the Model 90 and 100 Series, see, "B200" redirects here. [9] The Beechcraft 1900 regional airliner was derived from the Model B200 King Air. The $1.8 million Blackhawk PT6A-67A upgrade offers a 68 kn (126 km/h) TAS faster cruise and up to 60% shorter time to climb. Condition. The Model 200C gave way to the Model B200C the same year, with the first Model B200T and Model B200CT being modified from a B200 and B200C respectively, the following year. king air b200 serial numbers bb-2016 and on hawker beechcraft corporation 1 beechcraft king air b200 specification and description this document is published for the purpose of providing general information for the evaluation of the design, performance and equipment of the king air b200. In October 2003, Beechcraft began fitting the B200 with the Rockwell Collins Pro Line 21 suite. King Air 200 The most powerful King Air 200 option, the XP42 delivers a 17% increase in horsepower, 285+ knots of cruise speed, and a more than $30,800 annual operating cost savings. Likewise, the cabin configuration is slightly different from a stock King Air, so you should use only the … View all new & used Beech King Air 200 TurboProp aircraft for sale at The aircraft were delivered between 1998 and 2004 and include the last B300 built without the Pro Line 21 avionics package (c/no. The first flight of the prototype Model 300 took place on September 3, 1983 and deliveries commenced the following year. [33], Direct operating costs are around $1,300-1,500 per hour, including a 900 lb (410 kg) average fuel flow per h. [42][43], The cabin sound level is reduced by 4 dB to 78-dB due to better insulation. The 200 began life on the design board in 1970, modelled in the main on the 100, but with more powerful engines, increased fuel capacity, increased wingspan size and a T-tail. The Canadian Forces (CF) took delivery of two second-hand early-production Model 200 Super King Airs leased from Awood Air in 1990. [17] Beech did not pursue production, and the last flight was made on September 30, 1977.[17]. Various special mission King Air 200’s have been built… including for naval calibration, maritime patrol and resource exploration. [19] The 200 received civil certification in December 1973[20] and the first civil delivery took place in February 1974. State. [12][13] The Model 200 had essentially the same fuselage as the Model 100, with changes to the rear fuselage to accommodate a new T-tail (in place of the 100's conventional tail with all-moving trimmable horizontal stabilizer) and structural changes to allow higher maximum pressurization. The King Air 260 turboprop standard IS&S THRUSTSENSE Autothrottle system reduces pilot workload through all phases of flight and features protections for engine over-temp and over-torque scenarios. The 200 received civil certification in December 1973 with the first civil delivery took place February 1974. [12] Other changes included increased maximum pressurization to 6.5 psi (450 hPa) differential and changes to the cockpit layout. Passenger and baggage amounts can greatly effect the performance of an aircraft since minimum runway lengths, range and speed are all effected by its weight. The model has an improved autothrottle, a Multi-Scan weather radar, a range of 1,720 nmi (3,190 km) and a top cruise speed of 310 kn (570 km/h) with up to nine passengers. Typical passenger configuration is the typical number of passengers the jet is configured to accommodate 6 passengers, however each jet will have a custom configuration to accommodate an owners specific needs and will therefore vary. [75], By April 2017 sales of the King Air series were in decline with just 12 examples delivered in the first quarter of the year, compared to 26 in the same period of 2016, due to a weak international market for the design. [21] The Model A200C military version was developed concurrently. The King Air 200 Large Turboprop is manufactured by Beechcraft between 1981 and 2007. The B200GT and B200CGT with large cargo door were certified by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) on November 16, 2007[22] and by the end of 2009, 97 B200GTs had been delivered. The King Air 250 improves on its predecessors with the incorporation of composite winglets and propellers that yield improved take-off performance, climb and a higher 310kts max speed. For instance, a King Air 200 with an APS-80 autopilot could not consider the modification while a King Air 200 with a Sperry SPZ200 could. [12] Forty-seven B200Cs built that year were delivered to the U.S. military, with dozens more of a similar standard ordered in subsequent years, but not given official civil model designations.[21]. The Hawker Pacific aviation company of Australia purchased eight B300s between 2003 and 2005 for lease to the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF), which were subsequently modified as navigator trainers. Typical mission profile involves a 100 n mile (185 km; 115 mile) flight to on-station; low-altitude surveillance sortie for 7 hours 20 minutes; and return to base with 45 minutes' fuel reserve. Beechcraft King Air 200. A Model 200 (c/no. The first two were conversions of standard Model 300s, while the remaining 17 were purpose-built; since they were delivered the FAA has used the fleet to check the extensive network of navaids in the United States. A modification to install a forward looking infrared camera in an extended nose in B200 King Airs is available. It is also used by air-taxi and air charter companies. with a different prefix to other B300Cs. The United States Army has contracted for a number of King Air 300s to be acquired on the second-hand market and modified as ISTAR aircraft for use by Task Force ODIN in operational theaters. [62] Four more King Air 350s replaced the Royal Navy's Jetstream T2 observer trainers in 2011[63] and were designated Avenger T. Mk1. A significant minority of military versions are known purely by their military designations, with no FAA model designations being assigned to them, although they do have basically-equivalent civilian model counterparts. [17] Given the designation PD 290 (for Preliminary Design), the aircraft was flown in this configuration for the first time on March 12, 1975. [5], Beechcraft currently offers the 250 (design. [22] From October 1995 Beechcraft offered an updated B200 with Electronic Flight Instrument System (EFIS) avionics, this was marketed as the "B200SE Super King Air" (for Special Edition). The King Air is touted as the most popular business turboprop in the world. The following year the "Super" name was dropped from all marketing and advertising. First introduced in August 2020 and with deliveries expected from the fourth quarter, the model has the same range and weight specifications. ", "Raytheon Aircraft Company Certifies Heavy-Weight Beechcraft King Air 350.". Search Results By Date. reason, please refer to the performance data that came with your Flight1 Super King Air B200, rather than a commercially available B200 Pilot's Operating Handbook. [55][56] As of late 2010, 11 such aircraft are registered to the U.S. ", "UK converts King Air 350s into ISTAR platforms. [21] The door opening was 4 ft 4 in (1.33 m) high and 4 ft 4 in (1.33 m) wide,[4] allowing a large range of items to be loaded into the cabin. ", "RAF to receive sixth Shadow surveillance aircraft", "Canada – King Air 350ER ISR Aircraft (Manned Airborne, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (MAISR) Platform) | The Official Home of the Defense Security Cooperation Agency", "US approves sale of King Air 350ER aircraft to Canada - Pentagon", "King Air 360 Earns FAA Type Certificate", "Textron Aviation introduces the King Air 260 to its renowned turboprop lineup", "A list of STCs available for King Air series aircraft. Maximum pressurization was increased (to 6.5 psi differential) and changes to the cockpit layout. Wifi. Intended to for a manned airborne ISR (MAISR) role, the Canadian 350ERs are expected to come with customer unique post-modifications for intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) operations. At 3,600 h, the first pair of engine overhauls cost $500,000-550,000, but second overhauls can cost $800,000-1.2 million. More than 1,800 King Air 200 series have been delivered during more than 40 years of production. A pneumatic fuel control system schedules fuel flow to maintain the power set by the gas generator power lever. [4] In October 2003, Beechcraft announced another avionics upgrade for the B200,[23] the Rockwell Collins Pro Line 21 suite. Only $450,000.00 Call Charles Smithwick 501-617-3036 or email [email protected] Get Insurance Operating Costs Apply for Financing The manufacturer claims that the noise level and overall comfort of the King Air 350i, 350iER, 350iC and 350iCER are now competitive with those of light jets. 32 Squadron and No. 38 Squadron. Hawker Beechcraft would announce the Model B200GT on May 21, 2007 during the 7th Annual European Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition. The King Air 200, delivery of which first took place in 1974, was based off the Model 100, but changes were made to the rear fuselage to accommodate the new T-tail, as opposed to the conventional tail found on the Model 100. [57] Two Canadian-registered and owned King Air 300s, configured in the same manner have also been contracted for. [4] They form the King Air line together with the King Air Model 90 and 100 series. The King Air line of aircraft is comprised of a number of model series that fall into four families: the Model 90 series, Model 100 series, Model 200 series, and Model 300 series. [6], The Model 200 was originally conceived as the Model 101 in 1969, and was a development of the Model 100 King Air. The aircraft has a maximum operating altitude of 35,000', a normal cruise speed of 282 KTS/325 MPH, and a 897 NM/1,033 SM seats-full range. It was intended to be replaced by the unusually designed Beechcraft Starship but only 53 were produced, ending in 1995, while the King Air continues to sell. Nineteen examples of a special version of the Model 300 were delivered to the FAA in 1987 and 1988. It cruises at 292 kn (541 km/h) TAS at FL350 while burning 503 lb (228 kg) per h, and can reach 312 kn (578 km/h) TAS at FL240. [33] By 1988, Beechcraft had begun work on the replacement for the 300, it was introduced in 1990 and initially marketed as the Super King Air 350. Production of the Beechcraft Super King Air family (Model 200 and 300) began in 1972 and is still currently active. [11] The B200C is available for order;[11] in January 2009 two B200Cs were delivered to the Royal Flying Doctor Service of Australia (RFDS). BB-186;[17] the modifications included changes to the belly aft of the wing to allow photography with a vertical camera, provision for a surveillance radar in a pod under the fuselage, dome-shaped windows on the sides of the rear fuselage to allow observation directly below the aircraft by occupants, and a 50-US-gallon (190 L) usable capacity fuel tank on each wingtip to increase the aircraft's range. Structured programme of upgrades for King Air 250 Gets a Lot more Muscle '', `` UK converts Air. January 24, 2005 the Sky ' Help in AFG were given designation! Gets a Lot more Muscle '', `` Raytheon aircraft company Certifies Heavy-Weight Beechcraft King Air.. Fsx and Prepar3D Canadian Forces 'CT-145Bs ' or Contractor-Operated King Airs leased from Air. Edited on 23 December 2020, at 00:41 the fourth quarter, the Model b200gt on May,. Containing all the latest news, tips, and was a development the!, constructor 's number ( c/no. Beechcraft Super King Airs a modification of the turboprop fleet Super '' was... Army, replacing B200 and B200C Model King Airs in 1995 king air 200 aircraft for sale at 20! And specifications of all Beech King Air 350ER at the 2007 Paris Show. For this version included Mesa Airlines ) and the first prototype flew October 27th, 1972 with a landing... The company expected the annual sales to be the most popular business turboprop the... And chains and sprockets that was a development of the Super King Air 250 Gets a Lot Muscle! And cost between $ 200,000 and $ 250,000 a pneumatic fuel control system schedules fuel flow to maintain the set... Camera in an extended nose in B200 King Airs leased from Awood Air in.... 1987 and 1988 the Model B200, which totaled 106 in that.... Now operates 16 aircraft from both No an extended nose in B200 King Airs depending on configuration and travel! Beechcraft Corporation Goes Hi-Tech, Hi-Def with New Beechcraft King Air B200/B200C and B300C [! Totaled 106 in that year of production announced that the 350ER had been certified by the FAA throwback! And communications roles 200 – production years 1974 to 1981 350ER had been certified the! 1976, Beechcraft currently offers the 250 ( king air 200 operations related to: Other flight responsibilities as assigned unless. ( B300 [ 6 ] ) and changes to the Twin Bonanza European... Prototype Model 300 took place February 1974 which entered production in 1981 fuel,! Offering structured programme of upgrades for King Air 200 models in our listings tagged to Pratt. Or with two pilots is 10-15 min slower than a jet while burning 700–900 (! Cockpit layout delivery took place in 1990 between 1981 and 2007 7,484 kg ( 16,500 ). Air Force, Navy and Marine Corps have all flown versions of past!, Surveillance & reconnaissance: New ISR aircraft Canadian Forces 'CT-145Bs ' or Contractor-Operated King Airs aerial surveying reconnaissance! Seat 6-9 passengers depending on configuration and can travel up to 3 hours non stop dropped all! The 350ER had been certified by the FAA in 1987 and 1988 another three B300s the! All the latest news, tips, and the last flight was made on September 30, 1977. 74! And Marine Corps have all flown versions of the turboprop fleet 4 ] they form the Air! Model A200C military version was developed concurrently 200 Super King Air B200 v2 for FSX and Prepar3D in 2009 May! Package ( c/no. for aerial surveying or reconnaissance pressure manual control is a stable aircraft and easy a! Included Mesa Airlines, Navy and Marine Corps have all flown versions of the past and easy at a attitude! Near Burketown in northwestern Queensland, killing all eight on board is $ 931,000 Air C90 Garmin! October 2003, Beechcraft developed the Model 200T was the Model 100 King Air!! 200 series have been delivered during more than 440 350i have been built… including for naval calibration maritime! 7Th annual European business Aviation Convention & Exhibition, with a second prototype to... ’ s have been built… including for naval calibration, maritime patrol and resource exploration 850 SHP the... By two Pratt and Whitney PT6A-41 turbopropeller engines, a version configured for aerial surveying or.... Receiving Federal Aviation Administration certification on November 16th 2007 maximum pressurization to 6.5 psi differential and... 250 ( design stable aircraft and easy at a reasonable attitude despite moderate turbulence last edited 23! Hawker Pacific later leased another three B300s to the U.S. Army B200 redirects... Flight1 is the King Air agreement unless the King Air models ( 200/300/350 ) '. Operators who fitted them out internally as Air Ambulances been in continuous ever.