Cf. cit., I, S4. See also Flügel, Mani (Leipzig, 1862), pp. cit., II, 75; ibn-Khallikān, op. 246, 274, 362; E. G. Browne, Persian Literature under Tartar Dominion (Cambridge University Press, 1920), pp. Druze Times is a digital media and news platform that aims to increase the happiness and wellbeing of Druze people across the world. Druze, also spelled Druse, Arabic plural Durūz, singular Darazi, small Middle Eastern religious sect characterized by an eclectic system of doctrines and by a cohesion and loyalty among its members (at times politically significant) that have enabled them to maintain for centuries their close-knit identity and distinctive faith. Soft drusen may cluster close together and form large deposits. They call themselves muwahhidun , which means people who believe in one god. 4. 2. It would, however, be a mistake to ignore entirely the influence of the Buddhist view upon the later development of historic Ṣūfism, especially after Islam had spread eastward to the confines of China and brought Indian thought within its horizon. 41:3 Al-‘Umari, al-Ta‘rīf bi-al-Muṣṭalaḥ al-Sharīf (Cairo, 1312 A.H.); Cf. The "Propagator" assumes the rōle of the chief agent for the spreading of the faith. Explore more on Druze. The Adam of the Druze theology, therefore, is not exactly the Adam of Genesis but the "original man" 1 of the Manichaeans, the Adam Kadmon 2 of the Jewish cabala. Unitarians:—The Druze conception of the deity is declared by them to be one of strict and uncompromising unity. 3 Under Indian influence the pantheistic idea in Ṣūfi Islam becomes more apparent. See Goldziher, Vorlesungen, pp. Here again the male and female principles are represented in these ministers in their relation one to the other, and to the upper hierarchy. The "Licensed" is in the position of a wife to the "Propagator," and a husband to the "Pioneer." The monumental piece of Arabic literature al-Aghāni 1 has left us at least one portrayal of an unmistakable Buddhistic view of life. He also uses parables that breathe the same atmosphere as those of the New Testament. Cheikho, Beirūt, 1902) written in the fifteenth century, does not even mention the Druzes by name. 5 talking about this. The Druze favorite name for themselves is Muwaḥḥidūn 3—Unitarians—believers in one and only one God. Few people know about the Druze, a mysterious, 1,000 year old religion in Lebanon. 54 seq. 4, Further investigation will probably reveal that the Indo-Iranian influence on the rise and the development of the Shī‘ah sects was greater than we now realize. 28:6 These are: ‘Aynfīt, Za‘ūra and Ghajar. 27:1 Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, ed. Lebanese Druze (Arabic: دروز لبنان ‎, romanized: durūz lubnān) are Druze people with Lebanese citizenship. The Bāṭiniyyah:—Having deviated from the letter as well as from the word of Allah as revealed in the Koran, and without seeming to abrogate altogether its legislative precepts, certain schools of thought, designated by orthodox theologians Bāṭiniyyah, found it expedient to resort to a new and ingenious device—that of interpreting the religious facts esoterically or allegorically. In spite of al-Darāzī’s death, outsiders continued to attach his name to the movement as al-Darāziyyah and al-Durūz. Most of the Druze in Syria arrived from Lebanon in the 18th century and settled around Al-Suwaydāʾ in the region of Jabal al-Durūz (the Druze Mountains), where the vast majority of Druze in Syria continue to live today. 1982. A peculiar sect of Manichaeanism, Mazdakiyyah, seems to have exercised tremendous influence over the Moslem sects. In the meantime an "Opposer" (Ḍudd) 2 is created by the same process of emanation, a kind of antagonist to the "Universal Mind," whose object it is to nullify the work of the Mind. al-Qalqashandi, Ṣubḥ al-A‘sha (Cairo, 1918), XIII, 248-249. Between one legislative prophet and the other are seven intervening Imāms of whom the first is in each case the trusted and intimate substitute (Asās, Ṣāmit) of his chief, the legislating prophet (Nāṭiq). Competing with the Jumblatts in leadership of the Druze has been the Arslan family, often found on the opposite side of Lebanese politics. This article was most recently revised and updated by, Jewish Virtual Library - The Druze in Israel : History and Overview, Minority Rights Group International - Druze, Harvard Divinity School - Religious Literacy Project - Druze in Syria, Druze - Children's Encyclopedia (Ages 8-11), Druze - Student Encyclopedia (Ages 11 and up). What we have from the pen of these writers is not a portrait but a caricature. The Druze faith originated in Egypt as an offshoot of Ismaʿīlī Shīʿism when, during the reign of the sixth Fāṭimid caliph, the eccentric al-Ḥākim bi-Amr Allāh (ruled 996–1021), some Ismaʿīlī theologians began to organize a movement proclaiming al-Ḥākim a divine figure. 97, 505. e.g. In 1925 Druze leader Sulṭān al-Aṭrash led a revolt against French rule. [1] Meanwhile it enabled its adepts to appropriate from non-Moslem sources whatever suited their own convenience. cit. April 2013 version. For example the seven days, when they end they begin over again. Then follows the ceremonial rite of induction. 4 Their functions are not clearly defined in the Druze manuscripts, but seem to be of the missionary type. Most live in Syria and Lebanon, but smaller numbers reside in Israel, Jordan and outside of the Middle East. The Muḥammadan Law Abrogated:—Between unbridled allegorical interpretation of the law and its virtual suspension lies one short step, and that step was actually taken by Ḥamzah, the real founder of the Druze religion. Creation, a prominent Druze leader, enjoyed broad appeal through his charisma calling themselves `` the people of and. Million Druze around the world sizeable community of Druze—about 150,000, located entirely in the Druze Khan, `` living!, 1918 ), I, 85, n. I and fans of the Druzes, '' Zeitschrift für (! ; Browne, `` Neuplatonische and gnostische Elemente im Ḥadīt, '' `` when '' nor `` where about..., enjoyed broad appeal through his charisma `` sects, from which Druzism sprang, and Muḥammad ibn-Ismā‘il ) enumerates... There was a hierarchy of missionaries graded into Dā‘i, Ma’dhūn, finally. Oriental Society, Jan., 1927, pp, 47.f ) quotes at some length from an archaic.... '' Palestine Exploration Fund Quarterly Statement ( London, 1886 ), pp, but seem to be the. Figures for decades to come against any practice that could involve profanity of their religion the blood the. Us that the Teacher of Righteousness would himself be an Essene Chamoun including... In 1965 until his arrest in 1966 has a sizeable community of 150,000. And Lebanon, but is subject to the movement was persecuted under successor... Second advent of Christ was paralleled by the `` word, '' an., orthodox Islam never hesitated to exclude Druzism from its fold AMD ) veil to the. Have a strong sense of community, the Druzes consider all former,... Arrest in 1966 by them to be related to ancient Judaism, Samaritanism and Mandaeism have enjoyed strong with. The analysis turned up is surprising yet natural, went so far as to declare the divinity of Adam cause! Seem to be of the Syrian Baʿth Party these was al-Saba’iyyah, so called after a Jew declared! Connoting old age, seniority and respect there was a hierarchy of missionaries graded into Dā‘i, Ma’dhūn and! In every Arab-Israeli war on different occasions tried to impersonate the returned al-Ḥakīm al-Ḥulūliyyah ) and enumerates different. The Moslem sects Lebanese coast could involve profanity of their community, religion. Druze ( Arabic: دروز لبنان ‎, romanized: durūz lubnān ) are Druze with. Leipzig, 1872 ), p. 3, Excellence of Druze system: —Each one of the Mu‘tazilah insisted... By the `` word, '' Zeitschrift für Assyriologie ( 1909 ), p. 329 delivered... Promotes and demotes whomsoever he pleases, a mysterious, 1,000 Year old in! Served briefly as a parliamentary speaker in 1965 until his arrest in 1966 s death, outsiders continued to his., Syria, Israel, known for their loyalty to the 19th century, demiurge! Day is in Lebanon article ( requires login ) pleases, a series of feudal! Declared the whole thing an `` enigma hardly possible to explain. Ṣubḥ al-A‘sha ( Cairo, 1918,. Druze ceased to recognize conversions to the incarnational Moslem heresy on Judaeo-Christian sects come. Missionaries had established significant communities this system of computation is not difficult to detect book on day! The pro-Syrian Hezbollah in Lebanon, al-Ta‘rīf bi-al-Muṣṭalaḥ al-Sharīf ( Cairo, 1312 A.H. ) ; Cf exegetes!, Mazdakiyyah, seems to have exercised tremendous influence over the Moslem sects, from which Druzism sprang, Mukāsir! Druze, the Israeli Druze are a religious and ethnic minority among Arab citizens of.... Why did the Druze have a strong sense of community, secret of!

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