Supermarket chain Aldi has launched its own inflatable kayak range following the success of Lidl's last week. canoing in a canal can be safer then more open water, but still has its dangers. As well as the two stand out items, Lidl's summer essentials collection includes many other great products. The kayak can hold two adults and comes with a splashproof storage bag with hook and loop fastener for valuables and small accessories and double paddle with click-in system. If you thought that holidaying in the UK was boring - think again. It can be a serene, blissful experience and can also be a heart-pumping and muscle-flexing adventure. Lidl has launched a new inflatable kayak that can hold two people and you can get it for less than £40. Lidl have released this children's pool in their summer range (Image: Lidl) The kayak is for sale for only £39.99. There is a children's water slide, a fan and a range of beach wear. This style is frequently used for white water rafting. With inflatable kayaks increasing in popularity, there are more types becoming available with ever more features and more uses. The supermarket is selling a kayak for £39.99, causing a frenzy of sales. LIDL customers have been tweeting their disbelief over the supermarket's 'middle of Lidl'. It was revealed as the perfect summer product for adventurous types when an inflatable kayak for less than £40 was offered for sale at Lidl. people will throw old bikes, shopping trolleys etc. which will sit under the waterline. Lidl say it's for use in protected offshore waters, small bays, on small lakes, small rivers and canals, and that of course life jackets should be worn. LIDL Weekly Offers Leaflet - Thursday 13 June – Wednesday 19 June 2019: 2-Person Inflatable Kayak, Italian week, Gardening and much more special offers for You in this Lidl Catalogue. Lifestyle Lidl inflatable kayak 2020: where to get the Crivit 2 person Kayak for £39.99 - and other items in the supermarket’s summer selection This type of inflatable kayak has holes or ports on the bottom of the kayak to drain water just like a hardshell kayak has. whilst steel hulled narrowboats will just scrape over these, they could easily rip a number of holes in the hull of a boat like this. When it comes to exploring the sights of a beautiful destination on water, it doesn’t get much better than kayaking. Self Bailing Kayaks.

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