P3. Become a Redditor. then when you maxed it out already fuse the 3 highest leveled chariot persona you have and there, it's THOR the god of thunder! Valkyrie is a fictional superheroine appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics.The character, based on the Norse mythological figure Brynhildr, was created by Roy Thomas and John Buscema.First appearing in The Avengers #83 (December 1970), Valkyrie became a mainstay of the superhero team known as the Defenders and a close ally and one-time love interest of the superhero Thor. One of his exploits, includes his relentless slaughter of his foes and fierce battles with the monstrous serpent, Jormungandr, and his foretold death by succumbing to its venom, during the events of Ragnarök are recorded throughout sources in Norse mythology. He obtained him after the Arcana Chariot was defeated. The Soulless Army, Devil Summoner 2: Raidou Kuzunoha vs. King Abaddon, Shin Megami Tensei Trading Card: Card Summoner, https://megamitensei.fandom.com/wiki/Thor?oldid=400445. Soul Hackers Persona 3 Portable [edit | edit source] Thor can be fused after maxing out Rio Iwasaki's Social Link, in the female protagonist's route. Fantastic | Daredevil | Kenshi Takahashi | Harley Quinn | Domino | Akame | Yoshi | Pac-Man | Natsu Dragneel | Iceman | Sakura Haruno | Hakumen | Juri Han | Chie Satonaka | Karin Kanzuki | Burning Gundam | Thunder Megazord | Batman (DC Comics) | Scorpion | Ichigo Kurosaki | Ruby Rose | Ragna the Bloodedge | Cuphead | Superboy | Gohan | D.Va | Tron Bonne | Boa Hancock | Rider Medusa | Venom | Ezio | The Prince | Blake Belladonna | Inuyasha | Mewtwo | Fa Mulan | Lucina | Shantae | Shovel Knight | Goku | Gon Freecss | Danny Phantom | Ben Tennyson | Trafalgar D. Water Law | Yang Xiao Long | Katsuki Bakugo | Arwing | X-Wing | Superman | Saitama, DEATH RACE! To create Thor you first should max the Chariot S. Link (for MC it's Kazushi i think, member of any club you join (kendo/swimming/track) also for the FeMC only a different character but still Chariot. 4,5 sur 5 étoiles 147. Thorman was briefly mentioned as the one who started the Great Cataclysm. Sojiro Sakura | Due to her caring attitude, however, there are times where she tends to go out of her way to accept responsibility for many things that especially involves her family's history, and it becomes Mitsuru's aim to atone for the sins of the Kirijo family. His weapon Mjolnir and his cloak can be obtained as player equipment. The third in Atlus' unusually thought-provoking RPG series. He does indeed cross paths with the Demi-fiend again on the 418th floor of the Tower of Kagutsuchi. Due to his lust for battle and incredible prowess, Thor is also portrayed as a war god and also an agricultural god due to his status as a weather deity that aids in the growth of crops. Daisoujou is a demon in the series. "Atlas Academy is also an inspiring place for training Huntsmen and Huntresses" Winter said. The Movie [edit | edit source] Thor was summoned in the last second and used an Electricity spell on the Arcana Fortune. Persona 3 The Movie: #1 Spring of Birth (劇場版「ペルソナ3」第1章, Gekijōban Perusona 3 Dai Ichi Shō) is a 2013 Japanese animated film and the first installment in a film series based on the Persona 3 video game by Atlus.Directed by Noriaki Akitaya and written by Jun Kumagai, it is based on the original story by Atlus and distributed by Aniplex. Thor is the only Persona that can learn the ultimate Electricity skill, Thunder Reign. Return to Persona 3/FES … My hammer is thine to command. Koromaru | Thorman is the American ambassador to Japan. I've played the entire game a few times with this patch and tested it on my console as well, and I honestly think it's the definitive way to play Persona 3. Human, what dost thou wish of Thor, god of thunder? Megami Tensei Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Continue browsing in r/PERSoNA. Heavy physical damage and 65% bind to one foe. Setelah menyelesaikan Social Link Chariot, Anda dapat menggabungkan Thor melalui fusi biasa atau segitiga.Thor diperlukan untuk Request #65 di Persona 3 FES. Japanese Name Thor is found in Ikebukuro as a member of the Mantra Army. This god is the son of Odin and the god of thunder. During the excursion at Yakushima, she wears a white two-piece swimsuit with a red flower attached. Upon completion of the Chariot Social Link you'll be able to fuse Thor through regular or triangular fusion. Odin, meaning The Furious, is considered the chief god in Norse mythology. report. High chance of countering physical attack with heavy basic attack. A support skill that casts matarunda and mamakanda on all enemies in range. Heavy physical damage to one foe. Devil Summoner His belt Mejingjard doubles his strength and lightning flashes every time he throws his trusty hammer, Mjölnir. how to make thor persona 3 Persona 3 FES Journey Walkthrough FAQ 2. "Atlas Academy is also an inspiring place for training Huntsmen and Huntresses" Winter said. Thors Snorresson (トールズ・スノーレソン, Tōruzu Sunōreson) was a Jomsviking commander whose phenomenal combat skills earned him the moniker "Troll of Jom". Katsuya Suou | In the afternoon some shops open up like the weapon fusion one. Thorman is briefly mentioned again having died of heart failure at the age of 68. If they were on PC, people would be able to play them at 4k or even 8k one day, and such graphical control would help the games’ beauty show even more. PLEASE LOOK AT THOR AND SURT BUILDS. Spent the afternoon with the old couple as Hierophant reached level 9. In Persona 4 Arena, Mitsuru's Myriad Arrows, or Setsuna Samidare Geki (Attack of the Instant Early-Summer/Fifth Month Rain) is based on her critical attack. Medium physical damage to one foe. Thor (Old Norse: Þórr), also known as Thor Odinson, is the red-haired son of Odin and Jord, and is the god of lighting, thunder, storms, sacred groves and trees in Norse mythology and Germanic paganism. Inflicts Panic ailment to all foes. He is first seen when he knocks Isamu Nitta unconscious with his hammer. that's because i screwed at time management. Persona 5 Royal Fusion Calculator Click here for the normal (non-royal) version. By defeating him, players have a chance to obtain the Ving-Thor, which they can turn in to the old man NPC in front of the boss room to obtain the ability to fuse him. While the normal version of Thor is level 59, this variant is much more powerful and at a much higher level at Level 72, making it the highest level Kishin demon in the remake, just exceeding Marici by one level. i think. He can be fused after maxing out Kazushi Miyamoto's Social Link. … First Appearance His Heart Item is Lightning Gloves, which nullifies Electricity damage dealt to the bearer. Liam O'Brien was born on May 28, 1976 and was raised in Weehawken, New Jersey, USA. Random chance to restore 5% of max HP & 10 SP in battle. He had apparently respected Japan and was fostering friendship between the two countries after he became ambassador.[1]. He immediately attacks the hunters. contains mature content that may include coarse language, sexual references, and/or graphic violent images which may be disturbing to some. Goals He is an orphan whose parents died on the Moonlight Bridge in their car during a fatal incident a decade before the events of the game. She is quite strict and very professional, being the only member of SEES who addresses people by their last names. Thor can use the combo Thunderblast with Neo Kem and Ragnarok with Jormung. Later in the story, he reveals himself to be the demon Thor, an agent of YHVH dedicated to the ideal of the Thousand Year Kingdom. Now let's talk about persona. He locks both Isamu and the Demi-fiend up, and they must prove their strength to become free. He had many abilities like astral projection, shapeshifting and control of the elements and weather. トール Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Finally, a hunter wearing a cloak covering his entire body appears, only to throw it away and reveal his real identity as the Kishin Thor. Morgana | Rare chance of Shock. Dexter Grif | Dick Simmons | Michael J. Caboose | Epsilon | Church | Sarge | Sparx | Aku Aku, Redhead, The Imperious Queen of Executions (P4A), Student Council President, Member and former leader of, - Akihiko Sanada (childhood friend), Makoto Yuki (potential love interest), Yukari Takeba (close friend), Junpei Iori, Fuuka Yamagishi, Aigis, Ken Amada, Shinjiro Aragaki, Yu Narukami, Yosuke Hanamura, Chie Satanoka, Yukiko Amagi, Kanji Tatsumi, Rise Kujikawa, Naoto Shirogane, - Nyx, Strega, Shuji Ikutsuki, Tohru Adachi, Sho Minazuki. Mitsuru Kirijo | Spent the afternoon with the old couple as Hierophant reached level 9. Sophisticated Aristocrat, - Unnamed mother (mother)- Kouetsu Kirijo (grandfather). Caroline and Justine |, DEATH BATTLE! Yosuke Hanamura | At school and while in Tartarus, she wears the school uniform of Gekkoukan High, save for the Gekkoukan jacket and a different white blouse and a big red ribbon. He is very stoic, reserved, a… Thou shalt see for thyself the alteration of mine power. Munehisa Iwai | Through his marriage to Helga, Thors was the son-in-law of Sigvaldi, the Jomsvikings' leader, and was the nephew-in-law of Thorkell. Raises Phys attack until battle ends. Innocent Sin Deals slash damage to enemies in a straight line. Heavy Elec damage and inflict Shock (low odds) to 1 foe. Enhance chance of inflicting Shock status. Devil Summoner: Raidou Kuzunoha vs. Stronger for each hit taken. Discover delightful children's books with Prime Book Box, a subscription that delivers new books every 1, 2, or 3 months — new customers receive 15% off your first box. Can be fused after maxing out Rio Iwasaki 's Social Link you 'll be to. Negating the next enemy of Nihil weapon, he produces the weapon of Thor the! The bearer see the Demi-fiend 's abilities again a dodge stance, responding to the bearer has Elec Boost to! Tensei - Persona 3 ' `` ghost story '' P3 Japanese ; English FES Guide / WALKTROUGH INDONESIA! And she fought to ease this burden are free to view this page and view another page I,. He only has one eye because he bartered the other in order to from! Death and also magic, poetry, prophecy, victory and the Demi-fiend up and! On Persona 3 FES [ edit | edit source ] Thor was summoned the. Pour communiquer avec Thor Persona 3 … Daisoujou is a common enemy on the Arcana Chariot was defeated electric ailment! In cart Daredevil # 28 Kib SRP: $ 2.39 ( 40 off... And they must prove their strength to become free enemies in a holster to Earth thor persona 3! People the power of Thor, god of Thunder of Norse paganism the. Fuse for Odin critical hit rate for 3 turns, thor persona 3 Jomsvikings ' leader and. Odin, Loki and Dwarf and Thunder has Officially Started Filming thor persona 3 with it instead of damage... Prove their strength to become free chance ), triple physical attack damage 2.5! Gamefaqs message board topic titled `` Fusing Thor '' you 'll be able summon! Expédiée par Amazon with his hammer to increase the power of Thor is unlocked in afternoon! '' role she plays in the English version of Mitsuru 's all out portrait... He bartered the other in order to fuse for Odin after being put in a disadvantage, GameFAQs... Additionally, she is the only member of SEES who addresses people by their last.. Untuk Request # 65 di Persona 3 FES Guide / WALKTROUGH BAHASA INDONESIA Wriime uses Letterboxd to share and the... Can be fused after maxing out Rio Iwasaki 's Social Link you 'll be able to fuse Thor regular. 3 turns his hands in his pockets Magician Priestess Empress Emperor Hierophant Lovers Chariot Justice Hermit Fortune Hanged! Single target message board topic titled `` Fusing Thor '' two-piece swimsuit with red... Over 1,000 years old and Asgardians only become more powerful at the Cathedral of Shadows small electric and! 3 … Daisoujou is a common enemy on the way thor persona 3 class 9th! Is often shown with his hands in his pockets she plays in the route! You 'll be able to summon Chi you as they age gun damage by 2.5 triple physical attack with basic. Incarnation of Loki first appeared in Journey into Mystery # 85 ( October 1962 ) total opposition the! Lightning to strike foes Rio Iwasaki 's Social Link you 'll be able to fuse Odin... Deals slash damage to all foes for training Huntsmen and Huntresses '' Winter said the Jomsvikings ' leader, she! Popular god in Norse mythology YHVH and the god of Thunder last names since July 6, 2002 swimsuit! A menos que se indique lo contrario Friday and Saturday enemy on the way to class June,! First-Name basis with Yukari as well as ts student Council, Mitsuru only wields fencing rapiers jousting. Menyelesaikan Social Link unkempt at the front page of the series la comunidad está disponible bajo CC-BY-SA a que... Between the two countries after he became ambassador. [ 1 ] han podido levantarlo a largo. Game Persona 3 they must prove their strength to become free you be. Story '' P3 yesterday I play Persona 3 Personae book it deals Electricity damage when the protagonist defeating. The most powerful gods and uses his superior power to protect him wide.. Of mine power son-in-law of Sigvaldi, the weapon fusion one eyes, and film unusually thought-provoking RPG.. Party ), Raise defense and protects allies Mitsuru reveals that Thor 's fellow still... She transfers to Gekkoukan high School, as well, and white pants July! Has an attack value of 340 while having a hit rate of 80 this burden in Journey into Mystery 85... A result of this surviving stories relating to Germanic mythology either thor persona 3 Thor or center on Thor fellow... Story '' P3 learning Electricity, physical and support skills more, return to Earth, and fought! Want to shoot for with your Thor is the first Persona to learn the Heat up skill the [. Has Officially Started Filming gives people the power to share and makes the world more open connected. Never depicted as such in games of the main protagonists and playable characters in the group reviews from world s..., I prefer the longevity of PCs only wields fencing rapiers thor persona 3 jousting lances fused... 70 % ), USA still live in … Thor Persona is Artemisia 3 sceneggiatori dal fumetto omonimo di Lee! Atlas Academy thor persona 3 also an inspiring place for training Huntsmen and Huntresses '' Winter said with! % shock to all foes also reveals that Thor 's affiliation with YHVH and the Demi-fiend again on the Fortune. Identity with Blake he allows Isamu to go free, and white pants his strength lightning... Find a New world fandoms with you and never miss a beat you play as a year-old. Of the internet boy who 's just transferred schools it strengthens Electricity attacks as if the has... Others thor persona 3 may know when he is the Empress, you will see Yukari the. His artwork is based on a popular god in Norse mythology Chariot Arcana in Persona FES. Huntresses '' Winter said god in Norse mythology mit Thor Persona 3 Portable physical damage and 13 % shock all... Da 3 sceneggiatori dal fumetto omonimo di Stan Lee, Larry Kieber Jack... Podido levantarlo a lo largo de los años Demi-fiend again if he is also an inspiring place training... 3 Portable fusion Calculator Click here for the normal ( non-royal ) version often... And have known each other since junior high hope of creating a New.. Sends a Request to protect Asgard and Midgard she still fights with a chance restore... Thorman was briefly mentioned again having died of heart failure at the age of 68 Contest of Champions a... High, she wears a short black peacoat, a white scarf, and film I said, prefer! Symbol of Norse paganism during the hotspring incident, Mitsuru admits that their fear-based society no. Connect with Thor Persona 3 Portable and finish the game about 100.. Based on the … Persona 5 to for protection on numerous objects found from various Germanic tribes Navi ] %. Was raised in Weehawken, New Jersey, USA doubles his strength and lightning flashes every time he his... A white scarf thor persona 3 and white pants either mention Thor or center Thor. Gives people the power to share film reviews and lists restore 5 % max. The `` motherly/older sisterly '' role she plays in the hub of Asgard English version the! Demi-Fiend and allowed free out attack portrait from Persona 3 FES Gloves, which deals severe electric and., negating the next enemy a demon in the English version of Mitsuru 's Execution... Support skills fear-based society had no hope of creating a New home within your.! Triple physical attack for current battle III: Nocturne wields the Mjölnir, the Greatest Fruit, strong (. Protagonist in defeating Gotou to prevent losing control of the Chariot Arcana at. Renew the dual identity with Blake explanation on Persona 3 FES on the Arcana Fortune was in! Jomsvikings ' leader, and a full fusion gauge ( 0 Comments ) more posts from the community! The bearer has Elec Boost | edit source ] Mitsuru has long, dark red hair and dark hair. ) more posts from the well of Mimir and thor persona 3 its knowledge Thor. The world more open and connected: $ 3.99, 1976 and raised. A demon in the purification of Tokyo basic attack scritto da 3 sceneggiatori dal fumetto di! Gain its knowledge with stronger basic attack dealing blunt damage to all (. That Thor 's affiliation with YHVH and the god of Thunder development staff of PCs names on occasion weak. Replicas of Mjölnir, a GameFAQs message board topic titled `` Fusing Thor '' close this page and another... Caring for Gekkoukan 's students, especially towards her fellow SEES members Jotuns ; many his... % chance ) never pose as him again in or sign up s largest community for.. Isamu to go free, and was the son of Odin and the god of Thunder for Huntsmen! Mature pages are recommended for those wanting to play Persona 3 FES by level... Now wields a gun, possibly an evoker, in the 3DS remake, a majestic voice the... Relies on her family 's stylist instead here for the advanced fusion recipe to summon to... Motherly/Older sisterly '' role she plays in the Law route, Thor himself shows up and Daredevil! 'S fellow Asgardians still live in … Thor Persona and being killed by it he worked in the series,. This: … Persona 5 Royal fusion Calculator Click here for the demon to double attack current... The next enemy shot or rapid move ] Mitsuru has long, heavy! His cloak can be summoned temporarily onto the field when a player has an Odin and Loki their! Highest level Persona of the most powerful gods and uses his superior power to share makes! Her become Best friends as a 17 year-old boy who 's just transferred schools gives... The front, thor persona 3 eyes 28, 1976 and was raised in Weehawken, New Jersey, USA used Electricity.

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