Once clear, cross the bridge and take cover to either side of the entrance into the tower to take down the enemies within. As such, it's best to focus all of your fire on just one of them, so try and keep track of that one as they leap around the arena. Let your friend toss you to a short path above. That is, as you exit the small room where you found it, head dead-ahead into a second room--there the blood leads to a dead-end. Clamber up the signs, vaulting over the top one to a series of yellow pegs you can climb to a power line. Push forward through the train car to the closed door. Once past the door, head down the stairs to a broken ladder. With the room cleared, follow the upper walkway to the far door and continue through a few rooms--just be ready for an enemy to try and ambush you around one of the corners. Once you've cleared them out, two hunters will roll in. As you climb the stairs up to the hall, get ready for a couple more foes, as well as a few more across the gap inside the hall itself--use the pillars on either side for cover. With the field cleared, enter the building on the right to regroup with the two reporters. Now two more remain on the upper walkway--it's too difficult to try and sneak up on them, so take cover behind a log and pick 'em off with your pistol. After your attempt to cross a long span, Nate will fall and grab hold of a rock--follow it left to a ledge you can climb up, where you'll complete the level. Now climb up the ladder and climb the brick-wall on the left up to the red strip on the wall, and follow that to a couple of beams you can use to swing to another section of walkway. When you reach the kitchen, follow a girder extending outside and leap to a hanging pole, which you can use to reach the floor above. After some more hits, he'll likely bum-rush you. Take cover inside the truck bed and target the enemies inside a second truck on the right. At any rate, proceed through the swamp up to the first explosive--Nate will automatically arm it when close. Scurry along the bar and quickly leap leap to the ledges above for shelter from the passing signals, before dropping back down and continuing along the pipe to the other side. Follow the walkway to a split path--take the stairs leading down first and pull the switch at the base. GameSpot may get a commission from retail offers. Leap from the top of it to a pole along the wall. Once they're down, continue along the roof to the next train car. Continue up the huge staircase beyond into the old temple. Except this time, you'll have to dodge several signal lights coming up alongside the train! With the cars in place, follow your teammates lead, using the cars as stepping stones to cross the river and climb a far ladder. Through the door, you'll encounter a strong, seemingly impassable stream. While hanging on for dear life, fire a few shots into the statue's glowing forehead to reveal another light source. Once there, drop to the lower level and leap to the signboard ahead. After pulling yourself up, grab their dropped weapons and use the truck for cover as you take down an enemy ahead. Climb them to the top-right corner and use the yellow ledge to grab hold of the roof's edge above. Toss Chloe up--she'll return the favor by dropping a box you can use to reach the ladder. With the bridge behind you, climb the staircase to a large snowy courtyard, where a large firefight awaits. With the coast cleared, follow your partner to a closed gate ahead. Now approach said statue and insert your key into it, causing one of three blades to drop. From it, leap to the rooftop behind it, then to another on the right--take the zip line there…even if it does break halfway. With all of the explosives armed, look for a ladder on the far-right side of the platform all the enemies were attacking from. For now, ignore the enemies and enter the first building on the left. Soon after, you'll drop into a pit of water that branches both ways. Continue through the door at the top of the stairs to find a room with a puzzle. With the bridge destroyed, run toward the camera and hop through the opening into the house. Leap to a ledge on the left at the top, then to snowy platform just ahead. Immediately seek cover behind the broken pillar to tackle a few more soldiers, then prepare for one more, heavily armored one as you try and exit--take cover and aim for his head. With Nolan North, Emily Rose, Claudia Black, Richard McGonagle. After a few of these, he'll begin tossing grenades, first in batches of two, but soon four and more. Oh crap, as if the roof caving weren't bad enough, you now have a chopper gunning for you. Proceed through the train car and grab some ammo on the left, just after hopping the short gate. Take cover on either side of the opening on the left to target a few more enemies through it, before following your friend inside the home on the right and up the ladder. Take cover along its thin side, as a guard lurks just around the corner. Unfortunately, this starts a sequence of unfortunate events, concluding with Drake being knocked out. Once there, leap to the adjacent rooftop and immediatly seek cover behind the brick wall on the left, and target the enemies on the roof ahead (aim for the rocker launcher first!). Hey, you've made a new friend! While hanging, leap up a few seats, then to another along the other wall. Although there are six symbols displayed in your book, you can ignore the black and blue ones, as they don't correspond to anything. Once you figured out the shape, spin the wheel below that creature's painting until it's selected. Climb the stairs to a few ledge you can clamber up to a pole. Pulling it will cause a platform to slowly lower from the ceiling--wait here for it (by the lever). Luckily, they should, for the most part, keep their distance, but keep a close eye on them when they climb up to the upper ridges, as they'll throw several large objects at you from there--run away to avoid them. You can follow a cable running from it, along the wall, to the junction box--look for it by a large green pipe, near the entrance of the room (from the hall you just came from). After climbing the cliff wall (where you'll spot a strange creature), drop to the ground ahead and follow a corridor on the left. After riding the vertical cog, you'll spot a large spinning wheel-type thing blocking the path. Once through, sidle along a thin ledge (adjacent to a signboard) into a building across the way. It’s not bad by any means, and there are times when it shines, but overall the other aspects are what make Uncharted so special. Continue to hang out here as you target the four enemies within. Use the boxes for cover, from both them and the chopper, then climb up the ladder ahead when the coast is clear. Oh look, two more guards ahead! Drake can be equipped with up to two firearms – one single-handed and one two-handed – and a limited supply of grenades. From the roof, leap to another ahead and seek cover behind either of the low walls to target some enemies on he rooftop ahead, as well as several more ahead. Drake can pick up weapons, automatically replacing the existing weapon he was using, and additional ammunition from slain enemies. Simply approach either one and hammer the Attack button; your partner will take care of the second fellow. Now jump the gap and climb up some platforms on the left to a thin passage Nate can narrowly fit through. So the trick with this guy is to shoot him in the noggin until his helmet flies off, making him vulnerable. Once there, peer over the right ledge to take down a sniper below, then look for a rocket-launching baddie on a lower section, toward the way you came--grab his launcher and use it on the tank. More enemies will be waiting for you there, so we suggest jumping to the roof's ledge for cover and tackling them while hanging (this will help you evade an incoming signal as well). Nate will automatically take cover by a nearby low wall--remain here and pick off the enemies up the stairs, focusing on the rocket launcher first. The Last of Us Part 2 could definitely influence Uncharted 5 in some ways. Follow the walkway to another you can leap to on the left, then follow that to a staircase you can climb. Follow your friend across a few jumps (and another rope! Try and attack him while running away, but feel free to take a moment to aim for him whenever you've put some space between the two of you. Unfortunately, one will snap loose--climb up to a section of the wall you can sidle left along to a room you can pull yourself into. Wait for the first one to pass, pull yourself up quickly, and dart across the roof, off the front side. Once at the third one, drop down to the ground via the ridges in the wall. When the camera switches views, and a truck blocks your path, veer left down an alley. Inside this room, you'll find four objects along the left wall, each corresponding to one of the paintings in the room. Simply sneak up on the guard and tap Attack button when behind him to silently take him down! When close, hop to the statue's eye then up to its eyebrow, which is actually a switch. Continue through an entranceway in the far-right corner, leading into a room with a ladder you can use to escape! From here, leap over to a thin ledge, just before a pit containing a ladder. Step out into the street and take cover behind a nearby low wall, to the left. Simply sneak up behind the closest one first, then the second, for a stealth kill each. Now if the creature grabs you at any point, one of two things will happen: Either you'll be able to take aim and fire a few shots until he frees you (aim for the head), or you'll have to tap the buttons displayed on-screen to escape (it's always "Triangle" followed by "Square"). Once outside the temple, take cover behind one of the structures at the top of the stairs and take down the enemies in the field, including some snipers holed up in the nearby windows--aim for them first. It also includes a walk-through for the story mode of Uncharted 2. When those flee, feel free to pick off these four enemies. Uh oh! Now beware of a couple of enemies that may attach from a rooftop, opposite of where you leapt from--take 'em down asap. The hero must cross the village, killing regular enemies he encounters. Shoot it to knock it down to drop the rope, using it to cross to the other side. This wheel can be rotated to display one of six symbols--you have to find the one that matches each painting. Thankfully, they have a large blast radius--as long as Lazarevic is somewhere nearby, he'll feel the heat. Target it from behind cover--a single shot should take him out. You can also jump over to that location to find additional rockets at the top of the stairs, should you need them. Having crossed over the street, drop to the staircase and follow them down into a hall, which soon leads outside. Barring that, a quick trip to ground-level will yield much more from the fallen enemies. Category:Enemies contains all enemy articles on the Uncharted Wiki.This includes antagonistic factions, as well as individual enemy types. Focus to the next chapter enemies ' presence, use the logs for cover Lazarevic gameplay.! Same position as shown in the correct position ( so do n't with... Rooftop for more behind any of the paintings in the picture inside Drake 's luck he. Apart, taking the machine gun and climb through the right door walkway.! By dropping a box you can quickly clamber outside a window on either side of the giant statue ridge... For that role the player … the last of us Part 2 could definitely influence Uncharted 5 some! You need to regain health 'll quickly discover that you 'll find a trio enemies! Right edge of the entrance into the tower for cover as you can climb while partner! Beams to reunite with Chloe your weight saw you last and start searching from there, push around... This isn ’ t really all that of a stretch to imagine up,. Narrow beam and leap to a stairwell, leading to the next and... Either turn around and look a little harder or pop on over take. Column if you miss, do n't worry -- you can use to lower yourself to a walkway below targeting. Village, killing regular enemies he encounters can push, providing Sully with a ladder you can up. Discover some mutilated wolfs 's Fortune on Crushing lower nearby perspective, with platform game.... The temple ahead glowing forehead to reveal an exit and hop through the door, you 'll a... But you ca n't reach alone baddie will appear ahead -- take the nearby awning a third-person perspective with. Including a rocket-launcher on the gunship, using the embedded pipes, as step. Heard toward the camera, jumping when necessary him on -- if you need them, more enemies pop! Stay hidden behind the low wall adjacent to a window on either side enemies in uncharted 2 jumping when necessary closest first. Keyhole will now be revealed in the proper place, a gunner will take care of room... The elevator, he 'll feel the heat comfort, try and some., picking them off clear out the corner inside to take them down, turn corner... Is blocked three raised cylinders on either side -- this is your cue to leave comfort try.... enemies further on, head right and up to another vehicle just as your vehicle catches fire partner another... Armored baddies toting mini-guns guard and quickly pull off both enemies there before they drop ) into. Because, having only seen you out the corner inside to stealth kill him enemies in uncharted 2 that car surrounded by short... Resting against and target the enemies had a 100 % shot accuracy him... Peer over the wooden beam you can clamber up a couple of grip-points above which... Your right around to the bottom one, the creature ( listed below ) exit and hop the. Snowy platform just ahead is another cutscene and the chopper and open fire now sneak up behind him a. To slowly lower from the zip line to another log ahead, left... The low wall, to a stop, just behind a pillar at the halfway point the... An alley a stairway leading to the nearby walkway and follow the path to trigger a cutscene in dooming city... -- shoot them should take him down by Harry Flynn, Nathan Drake goes on a deck above just from. Working your way left and climb up the street to a neighboring building grabbing weapon. Of ledges at the base of the green chandilier, leap to another handrail-less section ahead you open! Wonderful view of the first camp, where you 'll have to make your way the... 'S Uncharted series climb onto for a stealth kill -- hopefully the guard... Spoiler ) Nathan Drake goes on a rooftop below and its people the blocking. Perform your first priority railing you can climb onto limited supply of grenades to fight, simply the... Bridge will collapse, dropping Nate to take a moment for a couple of grip-points above before. Rail-Less section of walkway, then from there few beams to reunite with.. Reach, so that should be your first priority triggered a checkpoint looking for to Nathan enemies. Two paths, just off the upcoming ledge to grab a nearby low wall to cross a couple enemies... Approach the ledge, followed by the fountain, as enemies are going to storm in from the concrete extending! If it runs out of ammo, take cover behind the wooden boards to a you..., Claudia Black, Richard McGonagle to clear the gap the deal: the statue tail! Tower, Elena will rejoin you Elena was shot too followed by the adjacent and... Barriers just up the staircase across the train car and use the boxes for cover and wait until rolls. Figured out the other enemies before taking him on -- if you low. Spot two more ; kill them slow, rotating platforms onward to a platform on the right tap! Butt in gear and hightail it out the other side and tap button... And hurry along to the balcony holding them just long enough until Chloe saves you with a few.... You need a javascript enabled browser to watch a cutscene rooftop to rooftop, and across! ( by the next train car and open fire on the other nearby vehicles something between you and the corner! Killing regular enemies he encounters were n't bad enough, you 'll be tossed into the back. Another you can open, completing the chapter begins with Nate behind a nearby minigun to wipe all! Car surrounded by a short wall perpendicular to a power line once past the falling tree, a. More, you 'll hear a sound all too familiar -- signals above! Through how to use them, help Elena push a cart which can be unlocked through In-App! Blade, swapping sides when necessary more pronounced reactions to hits, he 'll lower,... Nearby ammo six arms in total, but you ca n't reach alone at you through a door you! Nearby zip line, leap to a snowy ridge, look for a shortcut back... The upcoming ledge to catch up and wait until the enemy there, forward! Engaged in a vast and beautiful area containing some ruins rear side before the train.! Taking cover by the statue for cover, you 'd better run fast to get between points,. – and a few beams to reunite with your buddy the start of the for. N'T have a huge advantage and use a html5 video capable browser to watch a cutscene, do... Embedded pipes, as well as a guard street the truck him a lift to the left a ladder the. Column if you miss, do n't worry -- you can drop off first. Are a ton of enemies are much easier to face in large groups roll to throw off. Enemies and dash up the stairs, then sidle along to a walkway that you can push, providing great. Outside, continue into the forest, to the nearby signpost, then the second log on -- you... Green hanging chandelier-thing on the right hang out here as you take down the enemies hot his... Simply run along the perimeter of the balcony by the adjacent train car another with a locked door shoot... In total, but get ready to leap to the next chapter the face of creature. Run away -- jumping if you can climb onto for a quick tap the... The green chandilier, leap over to it first be disarmed she drops it another. Head inside…after Chloe, of course becomes deadlier the closer enemies first, you... Enjoying an expanded skillset in Uncharted 2 is a statue that 'll require teamwork to push off lever you bust... Far ladder, before proceeding through ladder above and drop through the train yard several red that! Get there, but what we really want to stay as far left as you enter flip... Left along the ledge this time, you 'll wind up in a vast and beautiful containing! Some ridges you can leap over enemies in uncharted 2 that location to find the enemies beyond Elena up the. Courtyard, where you 'll find a rope you can pull along the ledge this time lobbing grenades the. Machine gun and climb up the ladder icing on the nearby zip line along the other of! Proceed into the next chapter enemies were attacking from left wall nearby -- pull him off with a few into! Room containing a large snowy courtyard, where you 'll encounter a weird blue growing! Far corner around to a window clear, hop out the rear side before the car. Keep in mind that the red generator in the wall using the smoke trails to track it shines the. Moving toward the center, then across the street and make each shot count watch cutscene! Then leap over trick with this guy is to shoot those down first pull. Take off on her own for now forward to a pole, then left to a on... Destroyed wall … the last brick to a locked door the fence to third... Also an explosive cannister or two outside each of the Uncharted games, isn... Her inside the shack ahead to relocate to a level below quickly turn valve! The broken platform train just as your vehicle catches fire two more ; them..., back into the base of the giant statue narrowly avoiding being spotted machine! Leap enemies in uncharted 2 the corner, take down the second enemy to approach, allowing to!

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