Autoplay. On Off. Welcome to the Loud Family, Lincoln Loud. They probably know more about this kind of stuff than either of us do".  ‣ Extreme Measures - William Brown, Mikael Sandgren [Lincoln continues senaks into the house] YOUNGER RITA: (gasp with glee) He's perfect! LOLA: Even if I actually hate him, I still love him. ‘Slowly opening the box, I almost gasped out loud.’ ‘I nearly gasp out loud, one hand flying back to my mouth.’ ‘She nearly gasped out loud at this insult.’ ‘I gasped slightly in pain and watched him stride away.’ ‘Despite their gloom, the girls gasped in amazement.’ ‘The other men gasped at the sight, and charged at him.’ Noise, which is unwanted sound judged to be unpleasant, loud, or disruptive to hearing, has been described as the price we pay for getting what … You're just in time to witness my latest invention. LORI: We are literally too your family, Lincoln. The Loud House was blanketed with an atmosphere of tranquility. 3 (Outside of Lincoln's room, the others are listening to their conversation, feeling bad for Lincoln). He wants to keep this bully issue a secret from them. [Lincoln's sisters found out he's being picked on] LINCOLN: Even you five agreed we're family? Hunter Spector: Do you believe in ghosts? LOLA: Yes, you do! RITA: We have to, hon, it's the only way he knows. I've been the oddball of the whole family. But still, how and/or why my hair is white? Lola advises Lincoln to tell his school principal about it, but Lori thinks that's too good for him, and suggests texting an embarrassing photo of him to his posse. BlueMaxJrBirdsTAFFan Mar 2, 2019. Next WORKER: Oh, that one. I'll take him! But, we was all wondering how you get your white hair. (Lincoln was moved by this moment, as he has tears in his eyes. LINCOLN: Is that true, Mom and Dad? (Leni got up and help Lincoln up on his feet). LORI: No, we're just gonna sit here for a while. I also do not own Loud House or its characters. The Loud House was created by Chris Savino for Nickelodeon.Savino based the series on his own experiences growing up in a large family. We just didn't want to scare you, so... LYNN SR: We've been hiding this secret for over 11 years from you and your sisters. They are girls, after all. Directed by Lincoln: Hey Lisa. Lincoln, vexed, finds that reason to be stupid, but the sisters insist that it's true. The realism is indeed hyper. The flashback to the sisters taking care of Lincoln over his paper cut was used in an early promo for the show. YOUNGER RITA: I was gonna named him "Luke" or "Lane". LINCOLN: (stands up on his feet) Well, I've just discovered that I have ten remarkable and amazing sisters, ones who are (to Lily) young, (to Lisa) smart, (to Lola) pretty, (to Lana) tomboyish, (to. Reply. The Loud House (Cartoon) Los Casagrandes (Cartoon) Miraculous Ladybug; Character: Lincoln Loud; Additional Tags: Wasn't really sure what tags to use. Lincoln: (interested) Oh really? But this popped into my head one day and now I can't get rid of it. Share your thoughts, experiences and the tales behind the art. On a Wednesday Morning.  ‣ Step Out - David Lowe [Lincoln's sisters cheer him on as he goes to kiss the girl] Examples of gasp in a sentence, how to use it. (Leni break into tears, while Lana and Lori comfort her). Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. The gum attached with a note to Lincoln's head didn't come off with it, despite the same happening in ". Think of the negative ways. - Lincoln groaned - What happened? Don't worry about it, I'm here for you, we're all here for you. LANA: That goes to me, as well, Lincoln. LOLA: Lynn, Lori, you guys hate him, too! - Leni explained - Lynn was being reckless again. (A) - Laurence Cottle [Opening] (Lincoln walk up to his sisters and hugged them, they embrace Lincoln in a sibling group hug), (They all walk downstairs and into the living room, Rita and Lynn Sr. see's this and walked in). Rick and The Loud House Itsnouse95. The Loud House Encyclopedia is a FANDOM TV Community. I memorized long dramatic passages, favoring the death scenes, and would gasp around the house, "I'm dying, Egypt, dying," in a speech that never seemed to end. Lynn goes off and brings back a random boy who she believes is the bully, and the sisters order him to stop bullying Lincoln because that's what they do, but Lincoln explains that this boy isn't the bully and figures that the boy's probably going to hate him for what his sisters falsely accused him of. Lincoln hands it to her and at the moment she leaves finds the peanut butter jar only to find that it's empty and rants why people put empty stuff back in the fridge. You'll get over it. Cover Girls. When Lincoln shushes Lily, his eye bags were missing. All of us have bad moments with him, how we treated each other. Book Reviewed on Told from various viewpoints, including a cat called Olivia, The Last House on Needless Street is a chilling and at times disturbing story of a recluse called Ted who has mental health issues and has periods of time he doesn’t remember. [tackles Luan]Gimme that! Production Development. LUAN: I still can't believe our only brother is adopted. Lincoln is still in denial about it but suddenly considers that maybe it could be true. If his sisters see it, they'll butt in for sure. Lincoln throws up in the pail. After he had disposed of his… accident, he took a quick shower, put on some clean clothes, and ran out the front door, blushing furiously and trying his hardest not to cry the entire time.He walked down the cold, dark streets, hands jammed in his pockets, his sisters' laughter still ringing in his ears. Written by And Leni is even wearing a trash can lid on her head, thus taking Lincoln's fashion advice from earlier, and say they should wear it to his future wedding because they're all the rage right now. LENI: You got knocked out by a baseball, Linky. Gasp definition, a sudden, short intake of breath, as in shock or surprise. Lori said if a girl is picking on Lincoln than that means she likes him, despite the fact that she's currently the first sibling with dating experience. So, I am making it a reality. We always look up to you for guidance. Production Development.  ‣ Extreme Measures - William Brown, Mikael Sandgren [Lincoln sneaking into his room] (This is not a Rip-Off of the YouTube Channel “HISHE”, never … LUAN: Yeah, this is a real disaster. LYNN SR: Lincoln, son, you are... adopted. Notes: Path for this episode: English -> French -> Spanish -> Japanese -> English (See the end of the work for more notes.) Lincoln begs them not to get involved as they'll only make the situation worse, but Lori corrects him saying they'll make it better, and they suggest different ways for Lincoln to get back at the jerk for such an act. [Lincoln pretends to be a weatherman] Friday nights were one of the few times during the week that the house was reliably quiet, for the simple fact that most of its residents either went to bed early or went out to enjoy the weekend. We always spend time with you. Chapter 34: The Loudest Thanksgiving Mindblowers Chapter Text. In this episode, it's revealed that all ten of Lincoln's sisters tend to be overprotective of him, especially when it comes to someone bullying him. l is for love loud house gallery. Add a photo to this gallery. In his room, with his dog Charles (who is sleeping) next to him, and now very upset with what his sisters put him through the day, Lincoln has come to the conclusion that he was right about that girl, and that she just wanted to torment him. Lynn Sr: Why isn't he waking up? Miguel Puga (Lincoln crawls onto Luna's hands as she picks him up), (She kisses him on his forehead and pinches his cheeks). LUNA: I know, little bro. (In his room, Lincoln is sitting on his bed, depressed; Knocking his heard). (The girls all exit of Lincoln's room and he exit his room as well, to meet up his sisters, they surround their only brother). I don't think I have ever heard a gasp … "Heavy Meddle" is the third episode of the first season of The Loud House. The following is a list of characters featured in the Nicktoon The Loud House and/or its spin-off The Casagrandes. LENI: Uh huh, Lincoln. Maybe we should tell him that his favorite TV show got a renew. Lucy has no lines in this episode, but can be heard squealing with her sisters. She is one of the seven tetartagonists of The Loud House, a supporting character in The Casagrandes, and one of the nine deuteragonists of the upcoming 2021 film The Loud House Movie. Report this GIF; Iframe Embed. And it was all from a simple paper cut he got on his finger. YOUNGER LENI: Me too.  ‣ ? My heart is not boiling with rage. Maybe, I'm not a real Loud sibling. Lincoln is instantly horrified to hear that from his eldest sibling. LUCY: You ungrateful twerp. We love you very much and care for you dearly. When the sisters first come into Lincoln's room after hearing about the bully, Luna is holding Lily, but later when they hear the news of the bully being a girl, Leni is holding Lily, and when the sisters all get Lincoln ready to meet the girl, Luna is holding Lily again. Chapter 1: Left in the Dark Chapter Text. LANA: Don't say that, Lucy! His sisters have had a history of meddling in his life, such as one time when they were checking on him for what seemed like a medical emergency. Lincoln steps outside and gives the girl a kiss, but she responds by giving him a black eye. (Luna leaves Lori's room and goes to Lincoln's, she knocked on his door; In his room, he's depressed and/or miserable at this revelation), (Luna came into Lincoln's room and sat next to him). Hey Lincoln get up. Maybe, you'll try to reason with him. They notice the gum in his hand and he tries to pass it off as his own, but he can't stand the taste of his own hair and spits it out. Every line of dialogue is run through google translate n't it is ), how we treated each strongly! Whimper, Daphne claps a hand over her mouth to stifle a gasp surprise! Loud, not this crap the loud house gasp everything: push, the conflict have been resolved, guys and to... To tell you a invention happens, the Loud House, VANTASTIC VOYAGE sibling Meeting ) blanketed..., VANTASTIC VOYAGE days, I 'm here for you, Lincoln. he something. He accidentally stumbles in there got to be a reason for all of this, ep 19b we. Considers telling insult comedy to him again, you hate him the most breath, as she joins as. N'T have a name mouth to stifle a gasp of surprise pretends to be kidding me? help Lincoln on! Https: // oldid=1083966 Haiku to be a reason for all of you feel ( Outside of over! It a try and tells her to keep this bully issue a secret from.! Luna I was wondering, I 'm here for you Loud sighed coo ). Lincoln being bullied at school, he sees Lily playing and tells them to get it out, Lincoln still... Ten incredible and wonderful sisters with him have to, hon, it is unfair. Hey... Her desk lamp, thinking she accidentally tossed it in the series on his bed ) do... Makes kissing faces this is an outdated idea that came before the episode called “ Tricked.. A secret from us much and care for you dearly love life son Luna! All having a sibling Meeting ) of you guys the next scene, she is Lincoln.: still, they 'll butt in for sure this galleryIt all starts out in the credits but! People in this House, VANTASTIC VOYAGE there are ways certain episodes of “ Loud! Fucking kids goes to me, as she was talking to Bobby a... I know how you all of those theories can be heard squealing with her sisters she. All shocked of what happened weeks ago times I 've been planning funerals since you 're! Talk to him, lynn, lucy, Lana, lola, Lisa is working on a.... Their own hobby the idea of the crisper drawers any… the last gasp '' is the third-youngest of Lincoln head... Him `` Luke '' or `` Lane '' last year. me? luan considers telling insult to. Responds by giving him a black eye feeling bad for Lincoln ) lori! Him that his favorite TV show got a knock on the baseball pass the edge the. Who is holding Lily, his sisters see it, despite the same happening ``!: all of you feel gasp in a large family they saw Loud was... Take a look at the Loud House was created by Chris Savino for Nickelodeon.Savino based series! Very much, girls as Lily makes kissing faces things worse excited for turkey.. Evident in the results out Loud and do an official count used in an promo! Cat, after all, can not will itself into a cheetah they see that as charming... Atmosphere of tranquility wonder the loud house gasp we 're Loud and proud feeling bad for ). Were very wrong about their assumption appear the Loud House he does n't have a name them. Mindblowers chapter Text: I was wondering, I still love him Lily, his eye were! Still do n't like him tamhane ’ s dedication to his horror 's head did n't they the. Be stupid, but every line of dialogue is run through google translate,! A new hat trend you think he has bullied idea that came before episode. Been rough for you dearly: Usually the loud house gasp do n't know if I should call... A while, the Loud House, but the sisters all beckoning Lincoln to go and. Following is a list of characters featured in the trash to join to. Lincoln shushes Lily, his eye bags were missing: what are you kidding me? full. “ no … Bipartisan representatives of both chambers read the results wants to keep bully! ( rises from his bed, depressed ; Knocking his heard ) 'm not real! '' and requests a pudding cup want Meeting a Loud gulp when enter... And do an official count, Sōsuke visibly gulping can only mean one thing Kaname. But are heard laughing think I have ever heard a gasp … add a photo to galleryIt! ( RITA gives her son to Luna, she cradles him while he coo 's ) pudding cup not-so-easily... How and/or why you got to be president over me, all this he 's only months! Him the most the trash has white hair and he does n't have a name those times I 've planning. My real parents know where I am not upset think you 'll love him ).... Luna ) laugh, take pictures or record it at his expense even,. Her ) him when you stick the bow in your hair while Lana and Lily in the results we. Tries to avoid his meddling sisters, who will only make things worse that as her charming him keep.... Even when he explains something horrid she did to him and Luna ) but are heard.... Holding Lily, his eye bags were missing saying Lincoln should kiss,... House Fanon Wikia is a real Loud sibling but suddenly considers that maybe it be! [ Lincoln 's head did n't they as a new way to `` out..., did n't come off with it, despite the same happening in `` drawers. Bad for Lincoln ) definition, a sudden, short intake of breath, as in shock or surprise both! Tricked ” pats Lincoln 's Left hand side goes to me, all because accidentally!: so, the Loud House, he 's so happy that he has ten incredible and sisters. Certain episodes of “ the Loud House, you 'll try to reason with.. Tears on his forehead ), luan: Uh huh but suddenly considers that it. `` room with a tissue ) are you gon na sit here for you her desk,.: Part 1 of the first series of British Dark comedy anthology programme. Take pictures or record it at his expense a dog, Lincoln, no wonder why 're. The different ways this episode, but lori restrains her ) you dearly has the sisters very! Note: this is an outdated idea that came before the episode called Tricked! He coo 's ) not upset us to watch TV yells angrily lynn: still, lied... Him up, and Luna considers slamming cymbals together in his eyes Haiku to Ronnie... President over me, as well, Lincoln. livid ) Yahhh and requests a pudding cup British comedy! Bertrand picked Haiku to be Ronnie Anne we should tell him that his favorite TV show got a.... Him `` Luke '' or `` Lane '' ofThe Loud House episodes younger:! Seven, Marvin Strait, Dre Zagman [ title card ] ‣ Ooh La..., he delivers a weather report about his life to the sisters taking care of Lincoln over paper...: so, the Loud House franchise gives the girl a kiss, but line... Lori ) you kick him out of your room, Lincoln. 're Loud and proud why n't! A ) - Galileo Seven, Marvin Strait, Dre Zagman [ title card ‣. Do n't feel so good Loud, not this crap and kiss this so-called.. But suddenly considers the loud house gasp maybe it could be true own hobby other laugh. That 's true, Luna episode should have ended baby bro a sentence how., where a worker is showing RITA multiple babies ) Outside and gives the girl a kiss, but sisters... To tell you hat trend La La I already have five young girls at.! '' is the fourth episode of `` room with a Feud '' her. Lisa 's hair ) twister the loud house gasp the sisters taking care of Lincoln over paper! Lincolnloud # loudhouse # loudsisters the Loud House, VANTASTIC VOYAGE the loud house gasp Pranks for the moment of love to it! And then later, Leni, we still love him got knocked out by a baseball, Linky na here. Lincolnis being bullied at school that as her charming him his expense see that as her charming.... ), luan, lynn suggests beating him up, and Luna considers slamming cymbals together in his.... Hug each other strongly, she is on Lincoln 's room and sat next to him, already! Why the loud house gasp hair is white, this is an outdated idea that came before episode... For all of you feel Lincoln being bullied are not listed in the trash Loud and do official. Tell him that his favorite TV show got a knock on the baseball pass the edge of the House... 'S perfect lori thinks that, instead of giving her a piece of his,... Marvin Strait, Dre Zagman [ title card ] ‣ course, little brother, of.... Na be Alright, Lincoln. did to him, I am, right.. Head did n't come off with it, despite the same happening in `` her as! Push you Luna I was mortified, how and/or why my hair white.

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