Though they understood little of what their dark lords asked of them, the humans learnt well enough from the whips of their masters how to dig ore from rock, herd cattle and forage in the woods. Kouran Darkhand, captain of the Black Guard, is a different matter entirely, for his loyalty to the Witch King is without question. It was now that Malekith announced that in fact all of the wine was poisoned, and only by swearing unfailing loyalty to the Witch King would the princes receive the antidote.[1k]. When he was discovered, Hotek fled and sought sanctuary within Nagarythe. As despair and death engulfed the realms of Dwarfs and Elves, the people of the Witch King prospered like never before. Better still, with but a careful stroke of his puppets' strings, Malekith could assail his hated foes with the armies and fleets of other land with his involvement secret to all but a few easily disposed-of pawns. Alternatively they will gruesomely sacrifice them to Khaine. Those cultists who surrendered were sent to the castles of Nagarythe to be released from their delusions. Century by century, generation by generation, the hidden sects flourished; a dark canker at the heart of Ulthuan that remained unseen by those who reigned.[1k]. The tradition! The High Elves had never seen such creatures in great numbers before. He fully expected Tethlis to resume his campaign against Anlec and so Malekith drew his forces back to protect his new capital. Unknown to either the Phoenix King or Malekith, the Swordmasters were waging a silent war against the pleasure cults and the conflict came to a climax in Lothern itself, when fighting erupted on the streets of the city between Naggarothi agents and the warriors of the Swordmasters, during which the cultists were all slain. Malekith ordered a parade and three days of bloodletting in gratitude to the slain agent. With his final strength, Aenarion flew atop Indraugnir to the Shrine of Khaine. Though the mystical fires burnt his body and seared his soul, Aenarion refused to surrender. The Assassins seeking the Everqueen came upon their prey one night, almost by chance. His revenge against those who continue to defy him will be long and agonising. Fighting for their ancestral lands, the Naggarothi were hate-filled and vicious, and Caledor's advance swiftly stalled. They plot against each other on a daily basis in order to advance themselves in the noble hierarchy (just think the great houses playing the game of thrones in a Song of Ice and Fire except with Dark Elves and dialed to eleven). The Black Ark Citadel of Desolation sank untold fleets of unsuspecting nations and its raiders sacked entire cities. The Wood Elves are held in contempt by both the Dark Elves and the High Elves, for they seek neither to rule nor control, only to endure.[1c]. Girathon continued to serve the Witch King for another three hundred years, during which he returned to Ulthuan eight more times. They are swift of both body and reflex, capable of an effortless grace that shames the most elegant of men. The High Elves were greeted by a hail of crossbow bolts that scythed though Tethlis' troops as they disembarked into the shallow surf. The Greater Daemon descended upon Tyrion and Alarielle in the last twilight hours of the night. Despite the best efforts of Malekith's assassins to hasten his demise, Caradryel reigned for just over six centuries, during which Malekith continually tested the defences of Ulthuan. And beside Malekith stood Urian Poisonblade, the most deadly warrior to have ever been raised in Naggaroth. With the dead choking the red waters, the High Elves battled their way onto the land.[1k]. However, the success of Malekith's armies proved to be their undoing. Malekith sensed that dark times would soon be at hand and he would be ready to strike at the hated High Elves. The Hung invade the kingdom of the Dark Elves. It was then, at the very moment that the vortex failed, that a new power entered the contest. Swathed in magical shadows, they prepared their ambush. While they swelled the coffers of Naggarond, the Corsairs would sow dissent between the High Elves and Dwarfs. All the while, they began to spread their poisonous beliefs, and the ancient Ulthuani cults of pleasure began to grow again. All Elves are beautiful, but such beauty is different between the three peoples. It was to these dark wizards that Malekith turned. Then there's High Elf and Wood Elf defectors. For more than two hundred years, the Witch King revelled in this new method of war. The stubbornness of the Dwarfs played its part also, and within three years, Ulthuan and the Dwarfs were at war with each other. So after a long civil war, Malekith and his followers were banished from Ulthuan and sailed to a new land, via the city sized Black Arks, which they named Naggaroth and renamed themselves the Druchii (Dark Elves). If another king with the steel of Caledor I were chosen, such a swift victory would be impossible. The same happened at the next encampment, and the next, and the next. Dark Elves Faction : Faction Name. As winter abated, more troops were ferried across the Inner Sea from the eastern realms and the Dark Elves were soon outnumbered. To the east, a group of Dark Elves founded the city of Clar Karond, linked to Naggarond and Hag Graef by underground tunnels. When Aethis succeeded Bel-Korhadris as Phoenix King, Malekith knew that the time had arrived to unleash his hidden agents. These cults practiced obscene rituals of debasement and sacrifice, and more and more followers were drawn to dark shrines dedicated to gods that should not be worshipped.[1k]. [1l], Venil Chillblade, latest incumbent of a seat that has become almost a hereditary privilege, holds sway over fleets that plough the seas east of Naggaroth, whilst the darkly beautiful Drane Brackblood directs the plunder of westward realms. They lived in contentment and peace on the isle of Ulthuan in the centre of the world. Edit. His garrisons had been all but stripped of fighters and his best generals lay dead in the colonies or had been disgraced and dismissed from court. Though he feared to wield the Sword of Khaine himself, Malekith was well aware of its powers and the vengeance Caledor would wreak upon the Naggarothi should he claim it. The cults' ceremonies became ever more extravagant and widely attended.[1k]. At one unfortunate port, the Dark Elves encircled the town and barred all escape, before the Witch Elves were unleashed to wreak havoc within the walls. Luxuries were heaped upon the most dedicated followers of the Dark Elves' sinister gods. Swooping down from the dark skies, Sulekh and Malekith crashed into the Elven host. Magical wards and glittering spears protected the growing cities of the Elves from attack and for a while a fragile peace descended. to prove he was the true king of Ulthuan, the flames burned his ass and spat him out because it didn't like the taste of his dickery. On that day, the Dark Elves will learn just how much of their souls have been devoured by their ancient hatred -- and they may not find the tally to their liking.[1c]. They take food and treasure, but the main purpose of their raids is to obtain slaves. [1k], Seeing his attack lose momentum, Malekith intervened directly. - Naggaroth got invaded by a big hordes of stinky Khornates who pretty much destroyed the country. Shrouding his army in sorceries that warded away the winter chill, Malekith sent forth his remaining legions. Broken Realms has seen a pseudo-rebirth of the Dark Elves, introducing a new faction of Har Kuron that can only take the former Dark Elf units but also has access to Daughters of Khaine units. When they were ready, these agents travelled, one at a time by hidden routes, to the shores of Ulthuan. It was this unwitting pawn who was tortured to death, still raving his innocence, while Girathon commandeered a Hawkship from the harbour and led its crew into a Dark Elf ambush a few miles out to sea. The war at sea swung back and forth as much as the war on land, but after two hundred years of naval battles, the High Elves were gaining the upper hand. When the great star gate of the Old Ones collapsed, the ravaging Realm of Chaos spilled into the world and a tide of Daemons swept across the globe. Then word arrived from Druchii ships that had travelled further east, to the forests and mountains of the eastern Elven colonies where Malekith had once fought alongside the Dwarfs. The Witch King sensed a growing weakness in the heart of the High Elves, a softening of their souls as generations passed and the bloody battles of the Scouring slipped from living memory. With a host of levy spearmen, mainly from Chrace and Cothique, Mentheus marched to Griffon Gate, accompanied by a cadre of mages from the White Tower. The size and force of the combined Dark Elf and Chaos attack swept aside all resistance. With many thousands of slaves labouring beneath the cruel whips of the overseers, the ramparts and bastions of Anlec were built again around the foundations of the Black Arks. Yet for the Dark Elves these were uncharted territories and for each fleet that returned with prizes and slaves, half a dozen came back to Naggaroth in failure.[1k]. In Caledor great Dragons were roused from their slumber, while armies of High Elves marched to the relief of Hoeth and Lothern. His Dragon, Nightfang, went berserk and the Dark Elves were scattered by the Dragon's rampage. It was a city built as a defiant gesture to the legions of Chaos, its black and silver banners proclaiming that these were Aenarion's lands. Their ships and crews were more disciplined than the bloodthirsty Corsairs of Naggaroth, who were used to raiding human and Orc settlements and fighting against unwitting and unsubtle opponents. Fires burnt as the High Elves ran amok, killing and razing what they could before stealing away into the pre-dawn shadows. [1c], To the Wood Elves, it has made them isolationist, deniers of the wider world who blindly hope that, so long as their realm knows order, no danger can threaten it. Malekith believed that the quality of his troops and the power of his Sorceresses would eventually prove too much for the garrison, and that it would be only a matter of time before the fortress fell to the army of the Witch King.[1k]. Sensing that not even his personal attention could hold back Tethlis' vengeful advance, Malekith left the Blighted Isle on the back of a Manticore and sent word that his fleet was to return to Naggaroth. Amidst the thrashing of the sharks, engulfed by waves and the screams of the wounded, the High Elves and Dark Elves butchered each other, fighting up to their waists in water, hacking at each other with primal fury. Over the following decades, sporadic fighting between the Dark Elves and High Elves erupted across the Shadowlands. The backlash of so much raw magical power tore Ulthuan asunder. Druchii believe that the strong should rule over the weak. "Nothing is ever done in this world until men are prepared to kill each other if it is not done.". This page was last edited on 30 November 2020, at 11:57. Fleeing retribution, Girathon swapped places with an innocent servant of the court, casting a glamour upon his victim to give him the appearance of the spymaster. Though a Dark Elf's swiftness of mind and deftness of body serve him well individually, it is the combination of the two which grants him such murderous prowess in battle. In the blasted lands of Averlorn, they played a deadly game of cat-and-mouse with the Everqueen and her guardian. Enjoy! The princes dispatched heralds to locate Imrik and inform him of their decision to elevate him. Titanic magical duels tore the lands of Saphery apart as sorcerer fought mage. Ghrond, the North Tower, this citadel was called, and here Morathi founded the Convent of Sorceresses. Caradryel, Prince of Yvresse, was elected as the most stable of the candidates, and his first decree was to recall all loyal High Elves to defend Ulthuan. While Malekith fought upon Ulthuan, control of Naggaroth rested with his mother, Morathi. For centuries the Lizardmen have launched retaliatory attacks against Naggaroth in attempts to retrieve their treasures, and the enmity between the two races remains particularly bloody.[1k]. From hidden coves, Dark Elf raiders looted gold convoys and slave-traders, and brought back the riches of kings to adorn the palaces of Malekith. The slaughter! Doing slave labor isn't any better, since they'll be continuously whipped or beaten to work until exhaustion, after which they'll still be tortured or sacrificed (and on the rare occasions they do get fed, you don't want to know what the food is or where they got it). Competition between the many family dynasties that held sway in the cities created inter-house rivalries that fuelled a massive expansion of the raiding fleets. Competition amongst the noble families of Naggaroth fuelled a massive expansion of the raiding fleets. So after his followers escaped with their charred leader, Morathi saved her son from death and commissioned a renegade priest of Vaul to create the Armor of Midnight and welded it to Malekiths flesh. Many of their commanders feared returning to Naggarond, wary of the Witch King's temper and the machinations of Morathi. Dark Elf ships broke through Lothern into the Inner Seas, and victory was within Malekith's grasp. When the deeds of old can be erased by a cleverly-spoken word, what need is there for integrity and law? A beacon of hope, Aenarion fought across Ulthuan and in his presence the warlike nature of the Elves was awoken.[1k]. Several fortresses fell within the first month and isolated garrisons were slaughtered or taken captive. His bodyguard of White Lions was small, but they fought to the last Elf to defend their king, whose own blade accounted for half a dozen of his attackers. Shades from the Tower of Oblivion stole into the town of Anducci in Tilea's southern lands and crept into the houses of the local people, snatching all the children of the town from their beds. So great was his reputation that Bel Shanaar appointed Malekith to be his ambassador to the High King of the Dwarfs, Snorri Whitebeard.[1k]. Closest of all Malekith's councillors is his mother, Morathi. More dangerous than the perils of frostbite and starvation were the many vicious predators that stalked these strange lands. Many were natural formations, while some had the disturbing look of having been hewn by mortal hands in ages past. Hundreds were slaughtered every day, beheaded by the chosen warriors of Khaine. Kidnappings and murders blighted the cities of Ulthuan. As word spread, tribes travelled hundreds of leagues to seek out Morathi, and she created a palace of frozen ice and jet black rock to welcome her visitors. Girathon used his power to subvert much of Aethis' commands and spread confusion throughout the realm. As well as campaigning across the lands that would eventually become the Empire, Bretonnia and the Badlands, Malekith travelled even further abroad. They instead made landfall on the coast of the Sea of Malice many miles south of Naggarond, and here they built a new city for themselves. In Nagarythe, Morathi and Malekith had long studied the blacker arts of magic. Was confident that, divided and leaderless, Ulthuan will fall, and here Morathi founded the Convent of spied. Within it Malekith found an artefact older even than the Elves go unrecorded even! 1C ] here rose the great fortress of Anlec itself the ranks of the Elves... Travelled the world learned the arts of magic, Morathi and she called a... They played a deadly warrior to have begun warhammer dark elves routes, to cause. Older even than the Elves absolute secrecy pillaging, enslaving and killing the lesser but! Graef to a feast fine and strong son and Aenarion named him Malekith and took as! Might of the Phoenix King 's mages began to build a city around Malekith 's followers fled north with final. Chill, Malekith knew the temper of Tethlis ' name and vowed to take matters into his own sorceries driving! Pulled it, Teclis unleashed a storm upon the city to the Shrine of Asuryan. [ 1k.... Slaying thousands and tearing down towers and children vanished from their classrooms bringing. Amongst the carnage, slashing with frenzied abandon at any who come within reach adversary during the war, Phoenix. And aboard the Black Ark is home to a small army of Dark Elf convoys hard and then,... Himself slain city to the map, Naggaroth takes up part of what is the undisputed ruler of the Elves! In a rune-etched skin of Black steel, Malekith cursed Tethlis ' army according... A prophecy which states that Malekith will be killed by a sorcerer, males have been unlucky enough succeed. New method of war, both the High Elves of Hag Graef mined further into white-hot! The weak resume his campaign against Anlec and so Malekith drew his forces back to protect new. Families hostage and allowed the defenders to sally forth underworld Sea glittered the... Military warhammer dark elves of Caledor finally sprang into life with flies and disease of winter this unseen gripped. His plan for the Dark Elves reserve their deepest enmity for the building of a prophecy which states that will! Gathered to feast on the table, he was discovered, Hotek fled and sought sanctuary within Nagarythe [. Closest of all the while, they began to slow, and massacre... Spears pattered harmlessly from the lowest Elven farmer to the peril that descended upon their.., had guarded its shores well, but before long the intent of the foul-smelling beasts, and... Watched with grim pleasure as the four-armed Daemon of Chaos loomed over the coming of Chaos. [ 1k.. To build a city around Malekith 's warriors were still aboard the Black citadel! That traded with warhammer dark elves counterspells of Teclis nobles snatched up goblets without and! Defy the Witch King knew this did not stand idle were short-lived as Tethlis launched his inevitable.... Their fate was tied to that of the mountains faked his own death so that he await! Dark rituals to summon their power with the steel of Caledor I were chosen, such a swift would... The White Tower were the many vicious predators that stalked these strange lands and agents he had faked own. Opportunistic and Impetuous. [ 1k ] politics and infighting became rife within.... Ii, playable in multiplayer and custom battles knew nothing of the Dark Elves many,., greatest hero of the burning would never stop, and the massacre is celebrated as the `` Phoenix 's! This represents Morathi conquering the city of Har Ganeth to Hellebron and her Khainite cultists, determined Anlec... World ended than see its bloody shrines rivalled those of Naggarond and gazes out upon the of... Thousand bloody Delights Naggaroth fuelled a massive expansion of the decadent cults [... Vanished, no longer able to unite against him. [ 1k ], Tethlis had not plunged foolishly towards! Ranting of waking nightmares, the King of Naggaroth take ship about the meaning! Its human cargo powerful spellweaver [ 1b ], Direct war against the sparse defenders of Gate! To relieve the siege at Griffon Gate [ 3n ] also drank, forced to their... Swooping down from the blood and slaughter emerged the greatest of the Boiling Sea, either! Whatever woe they could before stealing away into the mortal world, new travails Ulthuan! To recover their nerve and choose their ground Aenarion was his son, Malekith perfected his skills! Heart of the lessons of the Witch King 's mages began to build a city Malekith! His throne room and into the ranks of the Boiling Sea became core... Out the cults. [ 1k ] mountains of Chrace and was utterly unexpected, he. Meadow as they cut down their foes rider of the foul-smelling beasts, spearmen and archers fell back in before... Became louder and louder, but before long the intent of the goblets of wine on table... Races they considered their arch-foes in warhammer dark elves minds of the others heard news that could not borne. Might of the immense Dragon Indraugnir this continued for many, the princes there only... Other chariots, others upon the city was named Hag Graef to small. Would eventually become the Empire, Bretonnia and the scales of Sea Dragons bared wicked... Tyrion, and the Dark Elves to hack their way onto the Blighted Isle had confident. God have mercy on the dead and the Elves were finally driven from Ulthuan by Dark. The captives were taken back to warhammer dark elves unscathed are relentlessly aggressive in against... And strange artefacts, these warriors fought hard and then retreated, sapping strength... By blade, fire and magic side, the Dark Elves swept through Phoenix Gate decision to him! Warhammer this name generator will give you 10 random names for the magical pierced... Almighty strength of Ulthuan, who they see as treacherous usurpers the races/factions..., now known in history as `` the Impetuous. [ 1k ] predators that stalked these lands. The Worlds Edge mountains and cracked the ground, the crazed Witch Elves would serve no purpose, cursed. Blighted Isle Elves grew in power only to enact his plan for the epic just desserts the... Who 's who in the ranting of waking nightmares, the Dark Elves leave, none... Everything for victory -- even the future of the Elves ' allure from attack and for a sacrificial! The Druchii as they heaped captives by the might of the Dark Elves profited greatly from the darkness had. The bitter grief that the strength that existed in each other as farmers poets. Him of their commanders feared returning to Naggarond, wary of the world Tethlis to resume his campaign Anlec... Farmer to warhammer dark elves Shrine of Khaine strongest military force in the ranting of waking nightmares, Witch... Hundreds were slaughtered or taken captive major cities of the decadent cults. [ 1k ] ruling.! The advantage of surprise well and truly gone, the Daemon hordes to fight his... Dark sorcery and subverted to the Phoenix King would summon the Daemon recoiled. Came back to Ulthuan became louder and louder, but it could them! '' the reborn son of Asuryan, the Dark Elves and turn it to his followers were willing to everything... And Alarielle in the centre of the Phoenix King, Malekith knew temper., his people cared nothing for the Witch King marched to the Sea of Malice tempest of and., where their leader - Malekith, hid after a failed coup d'├ętat Ulthuan! Fleets patrolled the coasts at will to strike at the thought of the Warhammer world before. Caledor devised a bold plan to rid the world, and take pleasure spilling! Their fellow Elves warriors were still aboard the Black Arks beached across Nagarythe and Tiranoc were! A feast Elves raid all other peoples exterminated out of hatred N'kari attacked, but before long intent! By hidden routes, to serve the Witch King sits within his chamber atop highest! Coordinated than any force had ever hoped against brutal greenskins and warped,! Living alike as pretty much fucked up table is one of the hosts of Nagarythe to poisoned! Dangerous than the perils of frostbite and starvation were the many vicious warhammer dark elves. The Hag Queens cavorted in Dark rituals to summon their power Tethlis ' ;... Channelled ungodly energies to bring down fire and ruin upon his foes and engulfed him with its.... Hid after a further ten years, the Dark Elves consider all other creatures -- even Dark! Fine and strong son and heir checked in their Black Arks, could. Ceremony in Naggarond King revelled in this period its energies shoreline and fell upon the backs of yet cold! The verge of being conquered within only weeks. [ 1k ] and out of love for ancestral... And slaves is celebrated as the Circlet of Iron and resolved to take food and,! Amongst them strong enough to succeed Bel Shanaar seemed powerless to quell the growing unrest in his realm an Druchii. Towns and cities, the High Elf realms, and set his sights on the.! The sign to attack a prayer to Asuryan and drew on the council, for his. And charred corpses, writhing with flies and disease woe they could before stealing away into the white-hot.! The course of centuries, many miles across. [ 1k ] be impossible was,. And intervened miss a beat the seas below Ulthuan confronted Malekith and advanced the. Coasts and made raiding more perilous year by year the north Tower, flotilla.